Price Speculation



I hope the article you posted doesn’t have in mind or refers to this one. NASDAQ directly listing cryptos would be much better, no doubt.


back to 0.015 BTC… I got a bad feeling about this… so probably gonna go up


I think his idea is similar to one I’ve had. You could build a messaging application that utilizes zcash as its base layer. It could place your message in the notes body, and then utilize the smallest transaction amount available to send to the recipient (just to pass along the private message). In theory, you could use zcash for truly private messages in an easily adoptable messaging application, and we all know with the Enigma Cypher and other governmental attempts at private communications in the past is extremely valuable.


^ This is the idea. As a lover of privacy myself - and one who has been tyrannized personally by the heavy hand of an abusive government - privacy is tantamount to “Life Security”. One can never be careful enough, and this is not “tinfoil hat nutter talk”.

However, should one want to use our proposed Z=>Z secure messaging app without the fear their device has been compromised, I’d expect that getting a second anonymous phone such as a prepaid one would be the safe bet.

Going to the corner store and getting a phone like that is easy to do and would be virtually impossible to trace to the owner unless some operational method involved direct personal contact…It presents an interesting thing to consider as well. When it boils down, one is as anonymous as they make themselves and not any more than that.



See what I did there?!
Medium- we hate privacy!
Ethereum- whats that?


I had considered Stuffing blocks with 0 value z->z transactions once, paying a very minimal mining fee. Just to boost shielded tx volume and fake some acceptance. I didn’t… but I considered it. I wonder if big miners would notice, if they’re setting a minimum fee threshold yet like bitcoin miners were.


As the default fee of 0.0001 is very highly encouraged a massive number of txs with a different fee would be very easily distinguishable despite them being z->z txs.


Well…definitely on the right track


Every small upwards movement gets halted instantly and answered with a selloff of a few hundred coins. It’s disappointing since most of the coins in the top 20 got a small bump since Xmas and ZEC is just stalling or dumping!


Gee ya dont say


I was thinking about buying into Zcash again, when it was down around $50usd, it seemed like that price was a good deal at the time. I think it has great tech and possibly a solid future. However I decided to buy ETH instead after noticing ZEC was losing BTC value everyday compared to almost every other coin in the top 15ish during the same time, even on green USD days. Over the past month I have watched almost every coin in the top 15 pump by more than 30% and yet Zcash is still sitting around 58usd,

Now after hearing about how they might have a “community vote” for more funding(sham like last vote?), and have proposed a time-lock on GPU mined coins(removing current freedoms from coins), im glad I didnt waste my money on a coin that will fall alot farther based on the path they keep heading down.

I hope Zcash can get their $hit back together, it was the coin that got me into crypto and mining, im sad to look at the coin and see how far it has fallen.


ZEC/BTC hasn’t moved for an entire year it’s been trading side-ways…


LoL for this entire 2019 you mean :stuck_out_tongue:


No idea what charts/graph you are looking, but at my end the ZEC/BTC pair looks different:

January 7th 2018, 0.0545 BTC (1 year ago)
January 5th 2019, 0.0153 BTC (today)

That’s not sideways in my book. That’s a big/deep dive here where i live, lol.


Are there sources for this?


@phakov Releasing mining rewards over 50 weeks


I was thinking about burner devices last night, you could take an old janky phone and put whatever you need it on to it and then open it up and disable the transmitters
Then I was thinking like an older PDA that doesn’t even have wireless capability some of them have decent amounts of memory
Oh yeah also this, actually really new looks cool (run zcashd native on your phone ehhh we’ll see! This phones got 3.8 GB ram! Idk! How bigs the blockchain now?!)
Not compatible shucks