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This is the longest thread I’ve seen so far :joy:

The future of Zcash in the year 2020

For me there is a difference btw open source and decentralization… I don’t think linux is good for comparison, leave alone the fact in most cases it’s free …


I’ll try to explain better. For tech to be fully decentralised it has to be available (ie: opensourced, free, etc) AND people must be able to change it.

I chose Linux as a comparison because its a million lines of code that not many have the time or skill to properly review or change.

For crypto in general the tech is so insanely complicated that its centralised around the few people who have those skills - I don’t think that can be fixed unless the world gets a lot smarter (unlikely).

Just my opinion of course.


Totally agree on the tech site. But i guess the decentralization aspect wasn’t focused on the tech side, but more but nobody else was aware, nobody else was asked, nobody else has taken part in whatever decision making …

Or to sum it up: The less people make a decision, the more centralized it is. Just my interpretation of “centralized”.


I am here for the tech. I believe 2019 will be stronger than panda thought. Just shaking off loose ends at this point. Enjoy the ride!


Seems the tide has turned in the favor of privacy coins, Zec, Komodo and Dash in the top green coins.


Yes, looks for some reason privacy coins all over are doing good versus BTC these days:

7 days change:

Monero XMR: +6.73%
Dash DASH: +17.99%
Zcash ZEC: +1.93%
Komodo KMD: +4.36%
Bytecoin BTN: +2.13%
PivX PIVX: +3.09%
Zcoin XZC: +1.26%
Horizen ZEN: +12.15%
Bitcoin Privat BTCP: +17.39%
Enigma ENG: +6.14%
Beam BEAM: --16.74%
Cloak Coin CLOAK: --2.55%
Zclassic ZCL: +10.72%
Spectrecoin XSPEC: +45.74%
CrypticCoin CRYP: +7.82%
Grin GRIN: --7.68%

So yes, all over a good week for privacy coins expect BEAM & GRIN after the over hype prices they had.


why is zcash showing just 1.93%?


because market inflated with huge amount of Zcash mined by large facilities in asia.

because very few Zec asic miners believe that it is good idea to hold Zcash, while other coins grow in price.


Care to share some proof?


what exactly proof do you need?

zec price at the exchange represents supply\demand.

you ask proof that zec price constantly falling, renewing historical low’s, compared to other crypto?


“very few asic miners hold their coins”, based on what information? Is it back by data or is it juat your opinion?



tell me, wisdom, who in your opinion is selling zec, all the way?


So you are confirming that your statement above is just an opinion?

You should point that out and stop acting so bias when giving anwsers. Nothing wrong on being mad about the ASIC situation, but stating that most asic miners are selling all their coins and bringing down the price is just pathetic.

Right now, after 4h @SPinSin asked “why is zcash showing just 1.93%?”, ZEC is currently 4% over BTC, while Monero (example) is only 0,41%. What happend now? ASIC miners just bought back at a higher price?


with just 5.2million coins in circulation,if miners and founder/investors start to hold off selling even a decent amount of new issuance, the price will shoot through the roof imo.


Zcash is not up 4% it’s up by 7% in Binance as I can see it now. I asked why 1.93% as I thought it was up more.


^.^ the price moves up when people like myself are done accumulating. ASIC miners are being fleeced by traders. these rockets are filling fast!! hold tight, kiddo!


I’ve been right in the front seat all the while😀


good run today, even the 7 days for ZEC changed now to +5.45%


Let’s not get carried away, most of the folks in the forum have a lot of catching up to do,hope the gas last Long enough that most if not all turn to green.