Price Speculation


That’s just like…your opinion, man.


Copy paste boy has been right most of the time, interestingly he was vocal about zcash security risk and with the recent bug discovery he was proven right.


BTC is like gold, gold established itself as the most widely accepted SOV and none other has been able to overthrow it. Similarly it will be difficult to overthrow BTC from its leadership position considering its first mover advantage that led to biggest community of believers.


Also, I think people should start measuring the growth of their crypto holdings against BTC and not fiat because that’s where the future is.


That was me and i was name calling a human who is not on this forum (as far as i know)

#6547 doesn’t support Zcash but pretty neat


Zcash needs to pick up speed, first it was Monero closing in and now we have litecoin also looking close and both will likely overtake Zcash price in the near future if the trend continues.


monero, and litecoin both need to defend $50 (hard psychological number) noticed LTC has already dipped below $50, and XMR’s fairly close to losing the battle too! ZEC has been defending +$50 for a minute.


(in regards to bitcoin)
i don’t think bitcoin’s fate as longterm top dog has been sealed. bitcoin’s really only good for making more dollars than one originally paid for said bitcoin. BTC’s terrible for everyday commerce (i can keep going but BTC’s faults aren’t the point of this post)… BTC’s main advantage over alts (outside 1st mover advantage) is liquid fiat on/off ramps. nowadays people aren’t forced to buy BTC to purchase other alts. when cryptocurrency hits the mainstream (we’re not close yet. we’re just starting to become popular on wall street. main street follows wall street) bitcoin could lose out to an upstart like ZEC. imo

(1-or-2 large corporations announce they’re going to do something with ZEC could be enough for ZEC to overtake bitcoin’s exchange rate overnight)


I have always referred to zcashco as the Electric Coin Company (really great name). Glad its official official


kind of a quick example: new goldman sachs commercial touts “cryptocurrency accounts”, not “bitcoin accounts”. https://



What happened to the sell orders on Polo? On ZEC/USDT pair its always 4800-5300 in sell orders depending on momentum. I use it as kind of a indicator. Right now its 950 ZECeseses in sell orders. Never saw that before


I think this is called HODL… someone is expecting things to go up up up


From 5300 to 950? Thats a lotta HODL.


Back to 5580 sell order now. ZEC looks very very bad at the moment.


know it sounds harsh, but this is good! weak hands are capitulating! these are the people MMs want gone. thinking we’ll’ve bleed most of them by around the 1st week in march. these are the people that’ll dump at @ $80 and ruin our $130 leg-up!


slick trading, imo… ride ZEC until we hit the $100 range. thinking this could happen in march! when ZEC hits $100 will need to build support (that could take a minute), so it might be a good idea to slip into another alt like LTC that’ll probably be fighting in $50 range. ride that puppy into the $80s… by the time LTC hits $80 range; ZEC could be primed to test new resistance +$150. when ZEC breaks $150 - the ride to $300 will be very quick. (that’s what i’m thinking not investment advice)



I’m just accumulating, its tempting to actively trade but too easy to get stuck out of position.

EDIT: Just in case anyone else tracks these things, my node has 49 connections at the moment - trending up.