Price Speculation


Sad to see a hodler go, I always say the most valuable thing about crypto is the community. If zcash is losing more people than it’s adding it will not be good.Can someone share a good news that led to a bull run in zcash, I see quite a few positive announcements but they don’t lead to price appreciation. The bad ones do lead to a dive for sure. Why is that so?


Who in the world invests money in something a couple months/years and then regret their decisions, sell and share it publicly? Not a worthy investor.

I prefer losing 10000 people with 1 ZEC rather than 1 person with 10’000.
The person with 10’000 understands the fundamentals, has better connections, is listen too more seriously and has more influence, like it or not.

In any case, who leaves now is gonna bite it’s tongue in the near future.


Agree on the point that don’t lose the Long term hodlers,but how do we know for sure the ones that are leaving are not the 10000 hodler? BTW i was hoping for a big upswing since the news of trust wallet support came out. Maybe I get bullish on the wrong points…:slight_smile:


I believe it will rise one of these days

The future of Zcash in the year 2020

It recovers, but slowly. Hope this tendency will continue.


It should. Will see. It’s all quite stable now.


Heavy resistance at 56.2$. Lets see if bulls can push us to 56.5$ until March. Get ready to short at 56.8$


So was wondering what is ontology (cuz I haven’t seen it) not hip to it at all! Seems like it would tie into their smart toilets somehow…


I didnt read any positive predictions for 2019. Experts usually say that there will be a little growth in this year, but still the price won’t increase much


how are your short positions working out for you?


What short positions? I was f’n joking. Im a ZEC maximalist. I am kind of disappointed tough. As for the USD short, i might not be that far from the truth


Do you also tell people you are vegan while eating a steak?


No i dont tell people im vegan, and its chicken actually, not steak. And yes i am a ZEC max. if it means what i think. First coin i started mining, Bought my first ZEC at 14$, DID NOT SELL!!! at 800$, all the way down to 45. I bought more with cash on cex io last month. When i do sell zec its usually 2-3 most in daytrade to buy another coin and then pour the profit back to zcash. I think thats pretty maximalistic, dont you think? So i guess im allowed to feel little disappointed when miners and founders dump on you like its pure shitcoin so they can go buy something else, while all this development is going on


^.^ i’m just goofing around! actually thought shorting ZEC would’ve been an incorrect move, but very ballsy.


an announcement breaks us from the pack. been multiple months (4-5?) since we’ve had one! my spidey senses are telling me we should get something fairly soon.


i know, right? Its like this gut feeling, you blink and you will miss it. Remember huobi.


Hehe looking at an article from 4 hours ago Bitcoin hits 4000 etherium 160
Article from 1 hour ago not the the same!


ZEC/BTC 2 year low. HA! BEAT THAT XMR, ETH, LTC you aholes!!

Caught the bottom (for this run) on cex, bought 5 more ZEC at 50.69$


I bought some too😎 20 char


Seems like to good decision, the price quickly reversed, might give you good return in the short term.