Price Speculation


Im hoping to see higher than that😎


Wait, what? That article is not correct, Assange was not a founder of Zcash. CC @joshs

Furthermore, Zcash became associated with Julian Assange and Wikileaks when Wikileaks began accepting donations for Assange’s legal defense in Bitcoin and Zcash. Assange—the founder of Zcash was arrested on Apr 11, 2019


At least zec is on the news😁


That speaks to the credibility of the article. :grinning: @elisehamdon - will you reach out to them and ask for a correction?


Yes, I would be happy to!


The correction has been made and is now live:


That was fast :sunglasses:


Zcash seems to be moving upward since March. The price accelerated in early April riding a market spike. It did reach a high of $78 on Apr 3, but Zcash started trading downward again. I saw an article recently in beincrypto, it talks about these predictions: The price trading around $175 in December 2019. The price could trade around $685 in December 2020. there were some analysis on patterns, but of course its hard to validate of any pattern in years time.

The future of Zcash in the year 2020

Thanks for sharing this one!


Oh well, maybe they wrote that because Assange was the very early Bitcoin supporter…:smiley:



It is hard for me to believe that the price will more than double, if we look back on the last year’s predictions they were not so accurate, so I would really trust so bullish opinion :sweat_smile:




There’s just about enough Disney characters to assign everyone in crypto space a Disney character, Zcash is the Cheshire Cat obviously there’s no need to ponder that one!