Price Speculation


haha true but also you never know how much these people have invested in the coin


I hope not the last funds they had :slight_smile:


I can’t imagine anyone doing that!


I think there are some people who have invested in cryptocurrencies their last funds


Casinos are a better place to gamble.
You should only invest with what your fine to lose.


Can’t imagine such a big risk taken


You are right - no more than you are ready to spend on your hobby. It happens hard for many people to halt though.


we need @al888 back to predict the price… for months used “tried and reliable observational linear logic” (troll for short) or was it his nostradamus crystal ball to foretell of the $150 and lower price of Zcash


His suspension will end with world😁


You are right, but many people are not aware of this simple tactic


Price discussion on Reddit, better than Reddit price discussions usually are:


While working on the List of Privacy Coins i noticed that often the Max. Supply shown on CoinMarketCap is INCORRECT and shows LESS max. suppply on many projects than the actual real max. supply that will reached some day.

If you are interested in a given Project/Coin, double-check at the projects homepage and don’t get fooled by the max. supply shown on coinmarketcap and mostly some other coin listing sites as well.


There are many people who lost their lives in casinos and you are telling me…


Seems like you like this guy :smiley:


Oh, his account has been suspended. Looks like did something extraordinary wrong


From all the mentioned rating sites weiss crypto rating gets the best rating …


Just read today that specialists can’t help but think that Zcash will begin to stagnate after 2020 because the core team loses its primary source of funding…


Can you post a link to the source?


Sure thing:


From that article:

However, there is a higher price reached before this. On Nov 25, 2020, the price may reach a high around $733.

If we reach $733.00 at the end of Nov. 2020 I’ll send you a picture from the Bahamas! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: