Problem with ZCash for mining on Ledger Nano S wallet

Hello guys. I have the following problem, probably some body could tell me what is going on.

I was mining ZCash on my mining rig for some period of time and for the last 2 day changed my wallet address for the Ledger Nano S address (previously I had Jaxx wallet address).

Suddenly, the address on Ledger was changed, as it usually generates different addresses and the statistics on ZCash.flypool is not available for the addresses of Ledger Nano any more. And the most interesting is that I did not changed an address in my mining program (EBFW) but the pool is showing the statistic for the Jaxx wallet address which I actually did not insert in the mining program…

What is going on:

The address in mining EBFW programm is for Ledger Nano S, but flypool is showing like I am mining for Jaxx address, what could it be?
Who had such problem, or what are your advices?
P.S. I actually whant to mine on my Ledger address, but now I am confused how is it possible with the address written in the EBFW program for Ledger mining for address in Jaxx??? Should I may be change minig program? What is the most efficient mining program?

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Got it, no more spam by replying the same thing.

The actual question is in here Mining ZCash on Ledger Nano S
Not to thread the same this chain of questions.