Problems Receiving ZEC to Coinbase Exchange

Hello All,

I hope someone can help me understand what is going on. When F2Pool pays out my ZEC mining proceeds, it usually goes to the blockchain then it gets forwarded on to my wallet.

Here is an example of a successful “receive” and “send” transaction.


But then right after the NU5 upgrade, all of the transactions being sent by F2Pool are just hanging in the blockchain, they are not being forwarded to my wallet.

Here is a link that shows all transactions and that all transactions after June 1 are not being forwarded.

Any help in understanding what is going on is much appreciated!

Maybe use a different block explorer

It seems it went through

They received funds but they can’t send it out. You can see it used to be “Received, Sent, Received, Sent, …”.
But lately, it’s just “Received, Received, Received, …”

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But even then, it shows the transactions being received with a balance on the blockchain but still not being forwarded. So is the problem with the blockchain or my receiving address?

Transactions don’t get “stuck in blockchain”. F2Pool seems to be receiving the coins but not paying them out. You will need to contact them

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Not quite, F2Pool is sending the coins, my wallet in Coinbase is not receiving. So should i contact Coinbase?

The “received” transactions being sent to the referenced address are all v5 transactions post-NU5. So the problem is that the receiving wallet doesn’t yet support v5 transactions.

If you’re mining to an exchange deposit address, then this exactly explains it. Coinbase are still working through NU5 issues (as mentioned here), so it is likely that the workflow you were implicitly relying on (F2Pool creates transaction sending transparent coinbase to Coinbase’s wallet, then Coinbase creates the protocol-required shield-coinbase transaction) is currently disabled.

The solution here is to not use an exchange address as a miner address. Doing so completely removes your ability to do anything yourself (in fact, you are never in direct control of the ZEC yourself), so all you can do is wait.


That makes a lot of sense. Thank you for your input, much appreciated!

t1XAeLjHHnhXhH2nUv4dmjx2FYVp3nV4gDD is F2Pool address or your coinbase wallet?

It’s a Coinbase wallet.