What to choose 1070, 1070Ti, 1080?

Can anyone tell me what will be better for mining 1070,1070TI,1080 given the “price/mining performance/power consumption” ratio?

You could play around with the whattomine site by telling it you have various cards.

They’ll all get roughly the same hashrate/power use, and the same hashrate/GPU price. Same goes for the 1080ti. Comes down to how much hashrate/rig you want, as well as PSU’s/rig.

I think one of the first questions you should consider is how fast you want to pay off the rig. Also how many gpus and how big of a power supply are you going to need. If you are going to need a 1600w power supply, buy it now. They are at the lowest prices and are available at this time. I recommend an Evga 1600 T2 or P2. I have never had anything Evga fail me. Plus they have the best customer service and warranty around. Are you looking to do a 6 card or maybe a 12 card set up? Not considering the new Asus 19 slot board because you have to use mining gpus to fill it, I would look into getting a 12 slot board even if you aren’t going to fill it so you could expand without buying another motherboard,cpu,ram ect… I don’t know much about the 1070 Ti but I think the 1070 is still considered a good card for the performance, power, ROI. I’d pass on the 1080 in case you decide to mine Ethereum since it is not as efficient as the 1070.

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