Which GPU is better

Could you please inform me what is the best GPU for mining from the below list?
1- nvidia 1080 TI 11g
2- msi geforce gtx 1080 TI sea 11g
3- Aorus gtx 1080 TI xtreme edition 11g
4- msi geforce gtx 1080 TI gaming x 11g
5- msi geforce gtx 1080TI founder 11g

They will all mine just fine. Get which ever one you can get cheapest.

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There is only one GPU there and the same memory (Micron)

Great what is the highest hashrate and the coldest one
From this list . And if you have the choice to buy 2 cards from this list which cards will prefer??

How would we know all of those details for so many different cards :slight_smile:
plus temps are variable on many other factors.

  1. second opinion: get whichever is cheapest.
  2. ensure open case design and sufficient airloflow between cards
  3. don`t go overclocking like crazy. start with default settings initially.
  4. don`t expect millions or getting rich.

if you have the time, look at each card core clock max specs. read reviews on the internet.
if price good for you, buy.

thanks for your advise, but if you have option to by 2 cards 1070 with the same budget instead of buy 1 card 1080 TI.
in this case what will you prefer?

2 cards 1070 with the same budget instead of buy 1 card 1080 TI

1080Ti has better resale value than 1070.