Public key from private key

For tax purpose, I need to find all zcash transactions I made on an old wallet (2017). I don’t have any zcash app installed anymore. I only have the private key of the wallet. What would be the easiest way to get my public key from this private key? If it’s possible, I would prefer not to download the whole blockchain again.
Thank you for your support.

You will need to download an app that lets you import your private keys to get your funds.

ZecWallet and Zepio will let you do this (both require a full Blockchain download), if the funds are in a Transparent address you can look on any Block explorer to see when funds were sent/received at that address. There are also some apps that let you import transparent private keys.

Unfortunately if you have funds in a Private address you won’t be able to see the TX history for the private addresses on a block explorer. You would have had to save the TXIDs when you used the private addresses to look them up later.

Best bet is to keep your whole cryptocurrency accounting history on a separate record for taxes. Importing keys to new wallets will have fragmented history.


Thank you Shawn. I appreciated. I worked this out with Zepio.

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