Purchase of Zcash

Are there any legitimate miners we can purchase Zcash from now?

How do we ascertain that they are genuine and what’s the price of Zcash? Is there a central price for it?

If you have a Zcash T address from an exchange you can buy it right from the exchange and it will load it onto your T address right there. Also, once you have a T address, you can buy ZEC from anyone, ascertaining if it is legitimate is as easy as checking your T address balance after your transaction. If you have the funds, it’s legit, nothing more to it. However, to insert a measure of trust, you should use an escrow service between you and an unknown seller to ensure that after you make payment, you actually get the funds at your T address. If you buy on an exchange, then you don’t need escrow.

Check out Bittrex BTC-ZEC, a well liked exchange.

Once you have a T address you can check it anytime in a Wallet app, or in the blockchain explorer .

You can check actual prices across key exchage here https://www.cryptonator.com/rates/ZEC-BTC

Cryptonator also supports Zcash including instant exchange.

You can follow live Zcash Price at any currency…