Question about dual mining same computer with 1070s and 1080 tis

So I have some computers that have both 1070s and 1080tis. I did this to max out the sols/sec, but I am looking at switching coins based on profitability. My question is this- Does anyone here have any advice about splitting up the different types of cards in the machine virtually and doing dual mining based on the card type? I ask because the profitability of the cards is different. IE a 1080 ti mining Ethash vs Equihash due to the 1080 ti being less efficient with Ethash. Would it just be easier to redistribute the cards so that a machine is all 1080 ti or 1070?

use nicehash, the software easily switch to more profitable calculation automatic…

I am using EWBF right now. I will have to look into NiceHash.

Is it your preferred miner?

Isn’t that the program that pays in BTC?

Is that the miner that essentially rents out your computing power to the highest bidder?

Thanks for your help!


You can multi mine any coin with a rig full or cards, just set the config in each miner to the GPU you want to use. You can have the 1070’s mining ETH and the 1080’s mining zec … or etc…

instructions are in the help file