Questions about weekly profits

So i just had a good question about zcashming from a co worker today he ask me how much would he need to invest to make 3k a week help and ideas he has to the money to do it.

Back-of-the-napkin math: ~10x 1080Ti → $800-900/month. So for about $6500-7500 in equipment. For $3k/week… ~$100,000 in equipment alone should do the trick. :+1:t2:

which 1080 ti are you talking about
EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Black Edition
this one ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

I would add 3k/week with current price and difficulty :slight_smile:

yeah don’t forget electricity cost, if you have some

any 1080 ti should do the trick actually…

It will take more than this because you’ll have to factor in a location, electrical work, monthly electricity bill, cooling, setup time, debugging time, risers and other necessary hardware/steps.

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Sure it would, especially if you look at from a profit-per-week (you) vs a revenue-per-week (me) perspective. I thought it drove home the point, though, that it wasn’t a trivial matter setting up a farm to match the original poster’s specifications (nor a trivial cost). It was never intended as an exhaustive response; just an order-of-magnitude estimation to get a general idea.