R7 370 - 80$ Is it worth it?

Hi, guys!

I found a person selling old / new gpus with 80 $ for piece, but I can’t find what hashrate this cards can bring. Is it worth it if take 6 cards for a rig or they are too slow for the price?


XMR @ 500 H/s
ZEC @ 175-200 H/s
EXP @ 20MH/s

Information is from forum posts

Yeah I found this results, but also have people reaching 300h\s. Is that possible for this card?

I would suggest then sending whom posted the 300 results a p/m and ask/verify. The forum post I read didn’t give a version number but the time frame was January/February which could have been version 9/10 or possibly 11.

Just to share that it could be possible, on my Fury’s, looking at my notes, I did get a 50 h/s increase (per card) from ver. 11 to version 12.4