Highest hashing rate with GPU

What is the highest hashing rate anyone is getting out there with any GPU and miner at the moment?

~116h/s on a Fury X this is from publically available software

If you add 7 of these GPUs on one motherboard with a very strong single CPU probably close to 1000H/s on one machine

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wow! Is that on claymore?

How much energy is a Fury X consuming while mining ZEC?

Yes probably around ~160w-180w off the top of my head.

Is there a source? I would like to have a closer look…

Source is my rigs, what would you like to see :wink:

Just get a $80 Radeon 7950, it will hash at 90Sol/s.

The Fury is like $400

7950 will be eating dust when the RX480s get optimized more by Claymore.

Im running at 53c-55c vs 65c+ on Ethereum

They are getting hammered a bit now but they range from 105-116h/s on stock bios and clocks with -i 0.

Im scared to try -i 1 or -i 2 which will probably produce 125h/s :sunglasses:

Hammered? 50c @ 28% fan speed… My RX480 are doing 71c 35% fan speed. Friggin awesome. Wish I had some furys. Watercooled yeh?

Yes they are watercooled, Fury Xs.

XFX Fury X stock WC 50c @ 28% - max 117H/s
XFX Fury (Non X) stock WC 59c @ 37% - max 110H/s
XFX RX480 GTR XXX 57c (hottest of the cards on stock air cooler) @ 51% - max 78H/s

Ambient @ 22c

the rx 480 is it 4GB or 8 ?

hm my 480s are still running the old eth settings and Im just getting 70h/s. Whats your setup?

8GB ones … 20 charact