Wich Sapphire Nitro R9 Fury/Is this a good card?

So i’ve been doing research for a few eeks, but I don’t get it wich one they mean
because from the hashrate i’ve noticed from benchmarks, this card is the best on the following benchmarks:
Screenshot by Lightshot (9th from bottom)
Screenshot by Lightshot (3rd from top)

So first of all, is this the best one (I have a limited budget)
second of all wich one is it

First or second one
and as you can see from this site
you go to specifications and then there are 2 options (just like on amazon)

So wich one is it from those 2 (that they mean on benchmarks) and is there a big difference?
second of all, is this the card I should be looking for ? (Yes I have to pay for power, but I just can’t afford gtx 1080’s)

I’m planning to start with x1 Gpu, and maybe expand to x3 (x3 = ~1200 H/s = 200 a month = in 4 months I have 6 of them)

Thanks alot :slight_smile:

電源需求 375W:heartbeat::heartbeat:

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Undervolting? I see people lowering it to 270 watt

Both are the same card. They do 270w as standard about 430H/S if you use the 15.12 drivers.

My advice would be buy all of them they are very rare now and still very good for gaming so it’s not just miners buying them. I bought the last 6 in the UK and I wish I could have bought more!!!

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Thank you alot, it took 12 days for that answer :stuck_out_tongue: but i’m just going for the cheap one. Have a nice day

The prices you saw from the picture, the cheap one is now $350, dammit

I was not signed up on this forum 12 days ago otherwise I would have told you to just BUY THEM ALL RIGHT NOW.

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I will :slight_smile:

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changed my mind, going to wait for VEGA, they are high likely to be better than this one

Not necessarily. Hopefully vega will be better than fury but fury cards were very powerful for compute power compared to others so we will see.

One thing is for sure, vega will be much more expensive than fury cards. Hope the extra power is worth the cost!

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Hmm, I just found out they will be between 600-1000$ because they compete with the Gtx 1080ti. And I guess it won’t be 3 times as much power, so i’m going to stick with the Fury’s :stuck_out_tongue: , again thanks for responding, and have a great day/evening

But what are the ultimate conditions for this GPU?
15.2 amd drivers?
claymore miner?
windows? (with VM?)

also I can just use a i3 for a 6/7 GPU rig right? or is it better to choose a i5/i7 for that?

I use 15.12 drivers claymore 12.4 Windows 7 or 10 and no VM.

I use stock clockspeeds with -100mv voltage cut.

Get 440-460hashes per second for about 210watts per card with that.

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And is a i3 processor good enough for 6/7 cards?


I use Celeron G1840 and 4GB RAM for 6 cards.

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So you mean I can use an even cheaper one?

Cheapest you can find that fits in your board!

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Okay, thanks alot! Oh and wich motherboard do you use?

Asrock H81 BTC PRO 2.0

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Could you maybe share your whole rig :stuck_out_tongue: ?
And I also read that GPU risers take some power, is that true?