Radeon hd 7850 vs the Radeon hd 6970

I’m trying to decide between these cards. I found both for basically free on Craigslist I can’t decide which to go with. The 6970 seems to be the route to go down but I want a second opinion. Which should I go for? Also what are the hash rate of these cards? It will be less of a hastle to get the 6970 so I will go for thst even if it’s slightly worse.

Thank you!!

try to get a hashrate for each GPU
also if they have less then 2gb of VRAM you need to take a look into different coins to mine. I know that nicehash has some lists

Ok. My point was there are no hashrate for these cards anywhere. Try looking for them. I’m going with the he 7850 because it draws less power.