Radical “to the moon” thread

Newsletters out, cool poster

just a reminder, everybody is a genius in a bull market


None of the technical indicators look promising for $BTC, especially if you zoom out to the weekly or monthly. 13k a real possibility, 20k more likely. Probably not going anywhere near 70k again.

Zero would be nice.

:scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:

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But if it trades sideways in accumulation for awhile the indicators will begin to look bullish since they will go down(SMA, EMA etc.), It won’t take much of a push to rise above them. In a bear market it is more about fundamentals than technicals. Most alts crashed a lot harder than Bitcoin did.

Pos for a sustainable furture, a headline to an article I couldn’t bring myself to read though I assume implies that changing the software will dissuade using well established methods of energy production, is complete hogwaller. PoW (or the idea anyways) keeps pressure on big energy to clean up it’s act. The miners’ total electrical consumption is distributed enough that, though they might constitute a larger customer for a particular grid, the effect of losing them would be equally distributed and eventually lost in the increasing worldwide demand and does nothing for the actual problem of dirty energy production but ya know its the ‘thing’ right now. It’d help the mint distribution and make passive income easier for the less equipped but then how big are the security tradeoffs, the pre-existing, growable whale power (which is like mining power but only requires money and not resources and space) and y’all would certainly want it shielded however that would work and then at most we could self-proclaim to have somewhat washed our hands of involvement in the greenhouse effect lol and hope for the best. I last suggested a decoupled hybrid ‘style’ pow-por/pos model on the ‘bitcoin is the new gold’ so please post any thoughts over there or here whatevs.
(And if I’m wrong and miners do constitute the majority of electrical consumers in the world then it is surely they who afford a large portion to development of sustainable methods such as these offshore windfarms and the like and not us microentities who ask for no less while also advocating they recieve vastly diminished funding but divvy it out to ourselves)

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Hashrate going down like crazy …

Looks like normal oscillating to me…

Correct , it was around 9 GS/s couple of weeks ago … that is what i am saying …

Play it at .25 speed


does that say September 14, 2018?

Maybe, it was from “back in the day” can’t remember exactly when

From Elenita, I think this is soon like in an hour

Don’t miss the monthly Zcash developer call - today at 5:00 UTC.

We have a packed agenda that includes:

shield auto-shielding demo
moneybag web-wallet update from ZOMG grantees
pick mining to shielded coinbase
zebra a discussion on Zcash incentives.

Register here: Webinar Registration - Zoom


If this was your average crypto community we would pump before Zcon2, but it isn’t, and we will need to pay attention next week to signals we get from the presenters at the conference.


That article reads like paid advertising.

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Yes, It is an advertorial. There is a sponsored icon.

On the 21st I believe