Radical “to the moon” thread

I still have no idea what made you believe that ZEC will make it into the top 10 by market cap in Q4 2019, absolutly serious question by the way.
Right now it would mean about a 4-5x increase in price without having the other currencies ahead of us rising at all.

Hope this changes and im done accumulating, other coins perform much better…for now. Still im not giving up on zec.

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have no doubt ZEC will be a top ten coin by year’s end. mostly because i have a good understanding of market dynamics, especially cryptocurrency markets. there’s no way zcash will be the first altcoin in history that doesn’t pump… we only need some news. listen really closely to josh’s part of the AMA livestream… there’s several interesting things going on, but, really wanna know who’s the “conglomerate, with retail stores” that reached out to ECC! also interesting they’ve been unexpectedly invited back to japan.


No doubt in your experience and this low price for such a long time has kicked weak hands out for sure, hope there is something badass cooking behind the curtains, that will make noobs belive in zec😎


yeeee haw, back in the green

amazing timing - fits right in to this thread


side note - i don’t think we’ll see sub $53 zcash again.

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It’s easy to lose perspective in a bear market/bull market. We have seen ZEC/BTC go 630% in less than 4 months back in 2017 and I don’t see why it could not happen now… It’s a wild market and anything can happen, just have to stay vigilant to make profits =D


figured i’d post BTC too, since you need that to figure ZEC

don’t think we’ll see sub $3900 BTC again

also, imo 100 ZEC should be the official number. seen enough posts that i belive this might be our sweet spot

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If that holds, things should get interesting…

Imo very unlikely without green light from the japanese FSA. Maybe i miss something but i think ZEC, XMR, DASH are still on the blacklist in japan.

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They talked about that on yesterdays livestream, sounds like more of grey-list than a black one.


This below sounds to be as black as it can be black. I see no room for a grey nuance here…
From the FSA 5-point-agenda:

The fourth point deals with restrictions on particular crypto species. The FSA has blacklisted privacy-focused cryptos which grant complete anonymity making them popular with money laundering activities. Registered platforms are henceforth prohibited from listing those cryptocurrencies.

I personally have no doubt that as long as this point is valid no japanese
exchange would risk to deal with the FSA…

It does indeed sound very black… yet there was a mention of how the law is actually worded and how thats being interpreted.

I think what you posted was a summary, which wont give the whole story. It’ll be interesting to see how this develops but it’ll certainly be a long road IMHO.

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General confusion over how Zcash compliance works I’d bet, certainly wouldn’t be unique to Japan

ZEC has transparent addresses. This shouldn’t be an issue. No exchanges support shielded addresses anyway so it can all be tracked.

Actually there are exchanges that support shielded addresses so, again, general confusion about how Zcash compliance works isnt unique to Japan

I should have said major exchanges. There are hundreds of minor ones that I don’t frequent. Minor exchanges with low liquidity are not such a problem.

Its only a matter of time really, whats true today is deprecated tomorrow, Zcash’s benefits are universal its just people don’t know what they’re doing (wrt Zcash and compliance) or are acting on some other motivation
The money laundering argument is the only one I think, which is pretty weak
(the valkenburg report a couple of dozen posts above is pretty good, concerning decentralized exchange)

I’d also like to say I agree with Zooko on, for now, focusing on Zcash as electronic cash
The pyramids base is the largest, the most accessible and the most important part of the whole thing
dapps will come and Im excited but if they dont last then whats the point? (I know some of you may disagree what with eth and zexe and all but I think the one that is the best at doing what it’s supposed to do will be prevalent)