Radical “to the moon” thread


Guessing he’s educating regulators? Which would also be great :laughing:


never traded on digifinex, but ZEC announcement has a decent amount of RTs/hearts




Normal retrace imo. Looking for

the box to hold. Notice the possible iH&S bottom


Waiting for the upward movement


Well, well


must admit - those year-to-date numbers are very depressing.


I look at it positively and that it could say $0.00 instead of that


if i were king kek of ZEC - would immediately swap economic engines… would keep zcash @ around steady 2% inflation rate until all rewards are paid, and end halving events.


imo, BTC halving was a kind of gimmick to attract liquidity. need to be a type of money before becoming a payment network… ironic thing is - supply shocks are terrible for a payment network, and massive inflation is horrible for a new form of money.


You may be right but I’m looking forward to the first couple of gimmicks :slight_smile:


me too!

(not OC. random find in the ZEC cashtag)


i’m actually in a good mood because ZEC defended $52

but, this still holds true… even if nothing ever was changed - inflation is so disgusting; ZEC market wouldn’t care. thing that does worry me is the market as a whole is starting to outperform zcash, again.


I still have no idea what made you believe that ZEC will make it into the top 10 by market cap in Q4 2019, absolutly serious question by the way.
Right now it would mean about a 4-5x increase in price without having the other currencies ahead of us rising at all.


Hope this changes and im done accumulating, other coins perform much better…for now. Still im not giving up on zec.


have no doubt ZEC will be a top ten coin by year’s end. mostly because i have a good understanding of market dynamics, especially cryptocurrency markets. there’s no way zcash will be the first altcoin in history that doesn’t pump… we only need some news. listen really closely to josh’s part of the AMA livestream… there’s several interesting things going on, but, really wanna know who’s the “conglomerate, with retail stores” that reached out to ECC! also interesting they’ve been unexpectedly invited back to japan.


No doubt in your experience and this low price for such a long time has kicked weak hands out for sure, hope there is something badass cooking behind the curtains, that will make noobs belive in zec😎


yeeee haw, back in the green


amazing timing - fits right in to this thread


side note - i don’t think we’ll see sub $53 zcash again.