Radical “to the moon” thread

I’m a looser trader. Whenever I sell there is a pump. If I hold or buy - it’s dump or slow price decrease. So I’ve just made a sacrifice for everyone here.
For the sake of our “to the moon” raid I’ve sold 5 zec for btc just a few moments ago. And I’m going to sell more if it’s not enough.
This mean - in few days there will be a pump! At least 17%.
Address to support “to the moon project” t1M7q28NjYEUS7TRW9xFcF1XBZBubjreZyJ
In god we trust. In ZEC we appease.
Pump be with us.


You will be remembered hero :slight_smile:

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Think the market is waiting for boxalex to cash out… :wink:

ty for your sacrifice. 20

april 23rd 2019 zcash USDC pair hit $100 on coinbasepro for 3 minutes


seems like we’ve been here before.

it’s the same pattern.

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New all time low every week
It’s bad that Poloniex does not have margin trading for ZEC pair…


80% sell vs 20% buy order. no way can go up


Daily thoughts with morning coffee Part 2:

  • Monero $8.65 ahead at time of writting, seams the gap is increasing.

  • 12 days to go for Spiral1990’s golden cross and $100 price target. Today: $57.72

  • Meanwhile we got into the 0.0097-0.0099 BTC range. Less than 0.003 to go for my prediction that we reach 0.007 and lower.

Random thought on BUY/SELL ratio versus Consensus type on the best known privacy coins:

GPU POW privacy coins:
Monero/XMR: 33% buy / 67% sell / 56 markets
Beam/BEAM: 47% buy / 54% sell / 11 markets

ASIC POW privacy coins:
Zcash/ZEC: 28% buy / 72% sell / 91 markets
Electroneum/ETN: 18% buy / 82% sell / 13 markets
Bytecoin/BTN: 12% buy / 88% sell / 10 markets
Verge/XVG: 24% buy / 76% sell / 37 markets
Zclassic/ZCL: 20% buy / 80% sell / 6 markets
Bitcoin Private/BTCP: 25% buy / 75% sell / 3 markets

POS or POS like consensus privacy coins:
Pivx/PIVX: 32% buy / 68% sell / 13 markets
Navcoin/NAV: 29% buy / 71% sell / 5 markets
Enigma/ENG: 39% buy / 61% sell / 15 markets

Hybrid POW ASIC and POS privacy coins:
DASH/DASH: 35% buy / 65% sell / 94 markets

Hybrid POW GPU and POS or Masternode privacy coins:
Zcoin/XZC: 28% buy / 72% sell / 19 markets

POW GPU + POW Asic privacy coins:
GRIN/GRIN: 46% buy / 54% sell / 22 markets

I’am not going as far as saying this is a pattern because first of all it’s only todays ratio, second i’am not sure IF all markets are included and third i had to take the numbrs from one source only.
However, it’s interesting to see that it seems that the POW asic coins have the biggest sell pressure in average which at least is worth a thought.


Sean did a tech talk on the livestream when Sapling went live, amazing stuff.


Daily thoughts with morning coffee Part 3:

  • Monero again gained versus Zcash, now $9.4 ahead, mostly tomorrow or next day to be $10
  • 11 days to go and see if the earlier mentioned golden cross and $100 ZEC prediction happens in which i have 0 faith and believe. Right now: $57.73. Still, 1 cent better than yesterday :slight_smile:
  • Meanwhile 0.00950011 BTC for 1 ZEC. Free fall! Only 0.0025 away from my prediction.
  • Meanwhile BTC passed $6,000. After realizing a week ago that most coins won’t follow BTC at the same pace i increased my BTC holdings from 50% to 75%, so far it turned out to be a good decision. Morally it really hurts, as i don’t like BTC, can’t see anything good in it, but business is business.
  • Wondering what made BTG increase that much the last days? Anybody any idea. I called it the titanic coin in the past and i still think it is, but still wondering what made that coin increase in price these days?
  • Another real low volume ZEC day today, even the fake volume exchanges don’t fake much today…

Suggestion: Maybe we should change the titel of the whole topic according to bearish/bullish? When we are bullish using “Radical to the Moon” and when we are in a bearish trend “Radical to the ground” or “Radical back to Earth” title?

BTG will surpass ZEC soon :joy: or I guess there could be a bug that unlimited ZEC selling in the market…

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I am starting to worry, every day I wake up, my portfolio is worth less and less in BTC.


be patient,golden cross and 7x asic pump on the way


uhmm, didn’t you say 2 or 3 days ago that ZEC price/charts versus BTC don’t matter?
What happened with the golden cross chart? (Seriously, i don’t follow the ZEC/USD charts so i indeed have no idea!)

Just kidding and provoking a bit, don’t take it too serious please. Nothing else to do left in this topic!

I said it makes no logic, no pattern. I didn’t say that it doesn’t matter. Golden cross will still happen, but now 100$ is worth less of BTC that it did the other day. And BTC could go further up…

It is not funny anymore when sh#tcoins close to ZEC. It is shame! :rage:

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It would be funny if we weren’t holding it :thinking: