Radical “to the moon” thread

Position 34? By mkt cap or by what? By cap zec is on 27th.
Edit: i get your market rank for 34🙃

I hate the price why so low

For investors, I would like a much higher price, and so the price is not low, I think even a little high given the capacity of the product that zcash offers.

That’s pretty bold prediction. I don’t see much upward pressure, unless halving hype is not depleted yet.

Crypto has been following stock market this year, we’re likely to decline with them in short and medium future.

I believe that zec can make a pump up to 62 or maybe even up to 65, so I’m such an optimist, I also think that 100 this year is quite possible. I don’t believe in any 500 in January and the like, unless it’s a miracle.
As I wrote earlier, I think that we will go down a little with halving and end the year at 50.(the price will fall after the halving, because many are waiting for the price to rise and will sell when they do not wait)

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After a long time i decided to check again how the ZEC fake volume is doing and if it decreased.

Unfortunatly it seems to got even worse. From 700M volume (by coinmarketcap) i could recognize only about 30M as real volume. That’s pretty bad and hurts again. Adoption is still lacking as it seems.

Pretty sure that at some point the “halving-boost” will kick in for a very short time (only possible point i can see someone able to make some short extra bucks). Unfortunatly i’am sure some other whales/investors/speculants are thinking the same, hence i expect a massive price drop afterwards this short spike around halving.

Inflation after halving will be still way to big for the lacking adoption and huge fake volume, easy and simple as that… Too much sell pressure from the miners too. I’am not excited for the next year …

Not to excites about the MGRC outcome either. Again North America centralized, another paid job panel that does the work the ZF would have been able to do themself in my opinion. But that’s just my view of course.

Good luck to everybody meanwhile :wink:


This is not only your opinion, dividing the budget between 3 organizations instead of 2 and hiring more additional employees instead of expanding the staff in important areas is bad no matter how you look, all these loud speeches about independent views are just dust in the eyes, who has the right trademark, and correct work in the direction of both strategic and operational is impossible in 3 uncoordinated organizations. There is nothing practically applicable in the activities on the project, some perspectives for years to come and the importance of the project for all people.
As for the volume, it is overestimated for almost all projects, so I do not consider it a problem, there is no benefit either, of course, it just does not affect in any way, what is your forecast for the maximum price for 2020?

If there will be halving pump, will take some profits🚀

This made me remember something from ZCon1. If I remember right isn’t Zcash/ECC in the middle of creating a brand new blockchain from scratch? The goal is to get off the Bitcoin blockchain (which has serious negative issues since segwit) and creating something new which will help attempt to scale layer 1 privacy.

If this is true, then Zcash really wont have a viable product until that new construction is thoroughly tested and released. Any timeframe for this new release?


I really hate this price… who control this price?

And what should the HALO output change? What will make buyers choose zec for investment?

FWIW, spent some time with staffers on the hill this week. It seems that the privacy battle is coming in 2021. Increasingly, we’ll see the adoption of private storage that is free from censorship and surveillance, and confidential transactions. Relatedly, I enjoyed the Placeholder thesis. Halo has the potential to ensure scale, while also eliminating trusted setup, which remains an issue for some.


(Where do I think the focus of
MGRC should be?
-G U-A G-E! :crab: : )

When ZEC will go to at least 120 I will out from this project (not to fix a negative result). I am tired to be ZEC holder, as it is kind of masochism. Your hopes allways break. During all the time it is great ideas on the horizon, but any from it wasn’t implemented. And year to year you are looking at your wealth decreasing for illusion that some day people will open their eyes and realize that privacy is something important (no they will not).


The Zcash benefits are Zcash limitations. From one side Zcash leaded/supported by scientists and they invents something new and it could become new standard for all crypto world. But from other side if ZEC will breaks the bottom they will not be very upset as ZEC is not the aim. The aim is privacy itself and knowledges and the ways could be different.

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By the way I earned more during only last week on shorting DeFi projects than on holding ZEC for few years :thinking:


And as soon as you sell the zec will fly up non-stop, as usual :slight_smile: I completely agree with you about the promises, now they are waiting for halo, although in fact there is an increase in performance (zcash does not rest against it and will not be for a long time) and the exclusion of a reliable setting (I think that almost no one knows what it is and how it works, and even if explaining this will not be an incentive for investment) will not change anything, next year, at such a price, the project will face insufficient funding.

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It will be my “goodbye” present for the rest community :smile:


don’t worry, zcash will probably underperform for at least another 4 years. next halving should be fun, tho. honestly, ZEC deserves to be punished in the markets for making decisions markets don’t agree with.

been screaming this from the sidelines for years, decision makers still don’t seem to get it.

maybe they’ll eventually change their tune after a few more years of punishment

put yourself in the shoes of a large ZEC investor - what do you think when ZF comes out and virtue signals against boosting investor confidence? what do you do when ZCAP votes in favor of a redundancy, and fills it with unknowns? smart traders (that aren’t emotionally invested) immediately sell, and move on to other projects.

1st thing one of the newly elected MGRC members did was start a “diversity thread”. diversity is a luxury that absolutely doesn’t matter when the project you represent is crashing into the side of a mountain. priorities!!

another unknown lady almost got elected with (off top of head) 3 forum posts, and nothing substantive in any of those posts.

i can continue, but stuff like this understandably spooks traders


It’s not about “virtue signaling” it is literally the Zcash Foundations 501©3 mission statement

The Zcash Foundation is a public charity that builds and supports privacy infrastructure for the public good.

As a non-profit they can’t be correlated with trying to manipulate the price of Zcash. And ECC is sort of in the same boat, as a for-profit organization they have to worry about the SEC and other entities perceiving them as trying to manipulate market price.

ZIP-1014 was purposely redundant, making MGRC under the wing and the same restrictions as the Zcash Foundation. One could argue that a completely separate legal entity as was proposed by a couple other dev-fund ZIPs would be more aggressive and independent, and I would agree. But unfortunately that is not where were are at so we have to work with the tools that we have. I’m going to do my best within the framework that MGRC has to help drive Zcash adoption and Z-address use.

(Note that I said “value” as in “value as a useful tool to transact privately” which doesn’t necessarily correlate with market value)