Radical “to the moon” thread

Guys, who drains?

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Volume is back to normal. Sell off under low volume and buy back under higher volume. Whales buying from weak hands?

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I always thought this was a euphemism for market manipulation…

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Not really. It is up to the person if they sell or don’t. People in it for the long term HODL. I have not sold any in over 2 years. The ones losing money sell too early and panic. People are only supposed to invest what they can afford to lose. They need to do their research before jumping into crypto. Until it is regulated that is the way it will be. It looks like regulation is coming in the next couple of years though.


Wont surprise me if ZEC is trading well over $100 before years end.

I lost all respect for this guy long time ago, he likes to pretend like he knows what hes speaking about… but in reality he is either very greedy or very very stupid.

For zec 20, many said that it would be successful, at least 500 with growth at the end of the year even more, now I see that many are waiting for 100 or even more, how low the forecasts have fallen, we no longer wait for the moon? The volume is almost completely inflated, there is no point in watching. The only real change can be seen in the distribution of coins by wallets, it cannot be faked, and over the past 3 months the situation has hardly changed, that is, from 50 to 100 and back for 50, it did not affect the distribution in any way (yes, many large wallets are cold storage exchanges).
They said that 2020 will be not only a year of success for zec, but also for coins with increased anonymity, but only xmr wins back.

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Wow. He is a Bitcoin maxi if I’ve ever seen one. Did he actually call Ethereum a scam?

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How can commissions be negative?

And according to this browser, something incomprehensible is going on with the network
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Yeah, I feel bad for all his followers who believe every word he says like hes some god in this space. He is not helping anyone but himself. For sure holding Bitcoin bags and greed has most likely led him to this. He knows he has a platform to pump BTC.

Apart from maybe this? - https://www.coindesk.com/max-keiser-altcoin-maxcoin-makes-debut lol.

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The guy called ETH an “exit scam”. Lost all credibility there in my book. Honestly it must be some kind of weird fud tactics. He cant really believe that or be that uneducated on the space. Maybe he is…but my gut tells me hes just greedy. Wants all these n00bs in the space now to pour their money into BTC, panic sell their alts so he can accumulate more at a cheaper price.


Compeltely agree. I only know about keisler coins because a dear friend (who helped me get my first purpose built btc gpu set up, 14xRX5830’s, - rip nick) wanted to buy some with his BTC that we got from all the early mining we did.

They were going to be the next big thing… That was a set of very long conversations, lol.

He was a proper hippie sort that loved btc for the whole laissez-faire bit. Shame it all devolved into a an accountants wet dream mixed with capitalism on steroids.

Just seeing the name pop up reminded me so i thought id drop his own alt coin link. :slight_smile:

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Looks like a problem with the website, not the Zcash network.

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Strange week guys

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Hello dear Zcash community.
I am bag holder of Zcash and I would like to answer myself couple of questions. I would like to apology if I am asking silly questions but unfortunately I am not very crypto educated. I am doing my best to learn as much as I can every day but is hard with all these projects developing super-fast.
I am very confused with all these “ZK’s” . When I read an article about zkRollup , zkSync , ZK- SNARK , always first thing that come to my mind is ECC and Zcash .
After I saw the news that Tether partners with OMG network for L2 Scaling, the OMG token pumped with x5-x6 round about. Some weeks after I read news that : “ Tether is now planning to add support for ZK-Rollups to reduce pressure on Ethereum “ . I was very happy because I saw again “ ZK’s “  and I was trying to find out more about who is behind the development of ZKRollups but no success so far.
I know basics about ZK Rollups , ZK- SNARKS , ZKSync , so no need help for learning some basics.
My questions is: Who is behind the development of ZK – Rollups and does it have anything to do with Zcash and Zcash team ? Loopring (LRC) ,for example, is very hyped at the moment just because is using ZK-Rollups for scaling. We all know that Ethereum community is also very positive about it and many many others. So simply , If a company ,organization or a token uses ZK- Rollups , ZK-SNARKS or any ZK’s does it have anything to do with Zcash network at all ? Is it bullish for the future of Zcash or it has nothing to do with it?
My second question is about “Privacy”.
I was very bullish about the fact that GEMINI and Coinbase are supporting Zcash as both are regulated by New York State Department of Financial Services (NYSDFS). How I imagine it is that if a token is listed there, means that it meets all needed requirements. As far as I am informed, all exchanges that support Zcash at the moment are using only Transparent transactions (t2t). Do you think that one day all these exchanges will be able to support also Shielded transactions ( z2z ) ? Is that the goal of ECC ? If yes , do you think that NYSDFS will give support for such a move ? Do you think that Exchanges like Kraken, Bitfinex, Binance etc will be able to support ( z2z) transactions with all these regulations and KYC’s. If yes , ok BUT if no? How and for what cases these shielded transactions will be used? Only between mobile,decktop and hardware wallets may be / if they support it at all / where there is no KYCs ? . I would like to hear some comments about that as well.
Sorry again if my questions sound silly but I will appreciate if you can help me answer my questions. And I am sure I will have some more after that 


I expect the rally to start next week

weren’t you bearish just a few days back? … lmao…

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No, I said that the price will fall. Did I write something about growth? Okay, I’m thinking that we will have a super pump, up to about $ 62. The expected strong growth to 100, as many already expect, may be at the end of the year, and then a decrease in its value. the first will grow monero and dash I think.

…think I preferred the ‘other Anton’ :slight_smile:

The fact that I will write that at the end of the year the price of zec will be around $ 1500 will change something, because it will not be there. By itself, the price will not grow relative to another cryptocurrency, in this position we are now in my opinion (the decline in value relative to not only bitcoin, we have fallen in price more than others, with the exception of dash)
Who expected zcash position to be 34 2 months before halving? and the price is 58 dollars. Everyone thought that this year will be a super success and the price is 300-550 minimum.

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