Radical “to the moon” thread

run it back turbo


This looks good, ol’ JC :+1:

(That reminds me of an episode The Real Ghostbusters that I last watched probably like 30 years ago when the gang takes a boat offshore and end inside The New Jersey Parallelogram, this psychedelic backdrop dimension where everything flies but it was difficult to escape because unlike the Bermuda Triangle everything in the NJP runs parallel :nerd_face:)

number go up

Theres actually like way more to it than I thought! Lol New Jersey Parallelogram | Ghostbusters Wiki | Fandom

Starting to buy back zcash now. Could go much lower though.

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I think the collar really polishes it off nicely, this picture makes me laugh

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Bought some more. Growing more interested in ycash.

ZEC has been crazy volatile ever since its release. Would be interesting to see the average ZEC price in USD since Genesis block.
Anyone knows?
I would guess maybe 300ish USD…

Every time I look at the movements before a rally, I see something like what is happening right now. It isnt a guarantee that a rally will follow this but how many times have we heard China is cracking down only to be followed by contradictory news that triggers a new wave of buying? I almost think the coverage around crypto is purposely negative at times only to then reverse course. ZCash has been oddly not up to its 2017 highs like ETH or BTC but also there is less and less correlation between BTC and ETH and BTC and ZEC. They are starting to move independently much more often than in the past. Historically ETH had independent price movements following successful upgrades. I am still optimistic for later this year since ZCash has many upgrades coming this year that are important to the entire crypto space. Also, the public is becoming more aware of Bitcoin lagging behind in areas of privacy and scalability and this opens the door for ETH and ZEC to move up in terms of market dominance.


It got listed on SouthXchange a week ago, which is a nice improvement.


The coin is pretty illiquid right now. Look at these spreads. But yec is defying the downtrend, likely because it’s such a small market.