Radical “to the moon” thread


but you guys can dream about to the moon as much as you want here. I read this to the moon rubbish for 1.5 years already.





We are allready there right now: 0.01395985.

Maybe some short upward trend for some hours/1 day and we mostly will see again 0.138*** numbers the next week or even earlier :unamused:


Extra curricular, live tomorrow

Guest speakers include “Code Girls” Nancy Tipton and Suzanne Embree, New York Times bestselling author Liza Mundy, and television personality Bill Nye, whose late mother was a “Code Girl.”
(the few remaining code girls are pretty elderly and I think thats why it takes a while to start but other good talks, Bill Nye understands cryptography and the Constitution)


Zcash for dummies in the background))))


I need to read this book, has anyone read it yet?


I’m inclined to believe that Asia is gonna rule this market, and for sure, they have tokeep it low for now


Go baby, go !!!



Hope, it’s not just one-time jump!


Moon, moon, moon, moon, moon! Let’s do this!


ethereum, tron, and tezos are adopting zcash tech. noticed they’re not utilizing anything from monero, or dash. weird!


So why is ZEC so cheap?


This ones as funny as those “CryptoZ” articles!

How can I borrow money if were not in a deficit?
Umm… borrow from a surplus?!
Don’t like it cause you can’t control it? Good


My peronal opinion on exactly this is because it’s open source. There is no real benefit when other projects include parts of Zcash other than some mentions somewhere of the Zcash name and that’s it all over.

They don’t pay a license, fee or whatever for this as it’s just open source. No ZEC must be used for including part of the codes which would/could create some uptrend in my opinion.

There is even a somewhat dangerous side effect in my opinion, each currency/project including Zcash privacy parts get more or less automaticly competitors.

Just my opinion of course…

  1. because bitcoin couldn’t defend $4K
  2. +$50 isn’t cheap to most people


zcash probably won’t leave the $50 range until we get some news, or announcements. last piece of news we got was coinbase, and coinbase didn’t really list ZEC since our only pair is ZEC/USDC. market has nothing to be excited about. even though i would’ve like to see ZEC defend +$55; we’re still defending critical levels. $54 holds we’ll be looking okay. $52 is the next number to watch. we don’t defend $52 more downside price discovery is most likely on our plates. all this basically depends bitcoin too. good morning!


4 days later: 0.01371640 BTC

i was sure we will drop into the 0.138 range but didn’t await that we get below it that fast :frowning:


wonder who zooko’s meeting in tokyo!

we gunna get listed on bitflyer?? i’d like that very much!