Radical “to the moon” thread

What a lovely climb!


Zcash trend is changing, what i like is that finally its started gaining against BTC which is important.

Mark Cuban just liquidated all sell orders on bittrex for zcash, HOLY CRAP

And i wondered the last days why Tezos made such huge jump in price … Makes just sense now after reading article. Holders with 10,000 US$ worth of Tezos can stake it on Coinbase and get rewards, nice …

Looks different on my end, but still a good up today …

damn, 1st april, hahahahahaha, good one …

Just realized it 1 minute ago when i readed on the bitcointalk forum about KYC requirements they are asking. Shitload of funny KYC questions and than i realized that your post was one too.


You know it man!!
Haha, happy to troll :smiley:


Eyeing a golden cross this is going to be insane.

This turned out to be completely wrong.

what? …20chars…

From what i understood from that post, the Binance announcement (more trading pairs i believe) only providing a temporary boost in price when in actuality it was a huge buy indicator with very large green buy candle(on daily volume). This should have signaled to you a reverse in market sentiment.

You mean the current uptrend today is due the binance trading pairs? No way. These pairs are too low to be responsible to the current price jump in my opinion. These binance news allready balanced out some days ago.
It’s something different that causes this ZEC price increase. Maybe some people indeed think Zcash partners with Rakuten, maybe that Zcash tech parts are implented into some other coins, not yet sure what exactly causes it right now…

No…im saying what you said 11 days ago is wrong:

I am saying 11 days ago marked a shift in market sentiment.

Where was i wrong with this prediction? Exactly this happened the next days … Until the 30th we have ben all the time in the 0.0138 BTC range…

Once i find out what news caused this jump i will check on how reliable that pump/increase is…

You mean I got it right?? Wow, that hardly ever happens :slight_smile:

(Edit: My guess is the ‘twitterati’ saw the words Mastercard & Zcash in the same tweet & got over-excited)

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Yeah i dont know…firstly this prediction so uber conservative its borders common sense. “Tomorrow morning the sun is likely to come out and around dusk the sun will fall onto the horizon”. Furthermore, you dont actually type it out, but reading between the lines and being a frequent on the forum i know you’ve been bearish on zcash for months now - and this post was essentially “yeah random news event slight increase, but continue downtrend”

I’m only commenting because the most amateur trader at the end of the day could have pulled up daily volume and see with their own eyes that there has been some sort of shift in psychology (in regards to ZEC). if you said what you said and added “we’ll likely double bottom at 0.013* BTC range…” i wouldn’t be trolling you right now.

The market maker has acted and this brutal bear is over.


ok, got now what you mean exactly.

I’am still bearish with ZEC/BTC for 2019 and i continue to think that the recent spike is a short-term temporary gain and we will go again into the 0.0138 range very soon … Mostly sooner as we all did like to be.

Don’t get me wrong. I’am here because i believe in the very long term ZEC value, but this does not mean that i think with every 2-hour spike/gain we get to the moon and the bearish time is over, hence i still believe OUR bearish time isn’t over yet. But than again, with all speculations and predictions, that’s just my view and time will tell who got it right and who not.

Edit: About trolling. If i had to troll each time someone called for hold and we launch to moon while we fall every 3rd post here should be one of mine trolling these :wink: So much about trolling …

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Well… this is the ‘Radical To The Moon’ thread, the home of unbridled optimism, enthusiasm & fun :grinning:


So guys is 1000$ possible this year?