Radical “to the moon” thread


$85 before the end of April, possibly by Friday :wink:


with BTC at +11% for the day, if it holds 24 hours Zcash is about to go UP


18 hours later … 0.01372548 BTC …



15% jump for BTC… not even Nostradamus saw that coming!! :joy:


i disagree here, there is room for BTC going into the $5,000 range these days. A lot of traders expected this to come and others are hit with the pants down, lol.

I rarely move/change funds into BTC but i moved a lot the last days from my “not that promising coin holdings” into BTC :slightly_smiling_face:


You have to tell that to us before it happens @boxalex :wink:

  • I did, that you didn’t believe that we will soon get back into the 0.0138* range is your own choice, lol. I still think that 0.0138 is our current price range and i know it’s not a popular opinion in the too the moon topic, lol.

  • It’s the ZEC speculation topic. I always try, if possible, not to mention other currencies on the ZEC forum due personal forum ethics i follow. I don’t think it’s right to discuss other coins performance on the ZEC forum, but that’s just me of course.


Is this all just an april joke?



And still everything is green and uptrend continues…




Ok mooners, whats next?


Wait for retrace and buy all you can before it’s to late! (All you can = what you can invest)


which retrace? 20char


If there is no retrace that would be even better.
I personally find it too risky to add positions after such a rally.
My bags are pretty full atm and hopefully retirement comes before next halving :smiley:
I will be selling majority of my holdings at a certain point, not for fiat, mainly I would like to create different sources of income (make it staking, make it dividends, small business and so on)


Are we talking dollar or BTC? Dollar market hard to see a retrace before an actual move. I think we’re seeing the start of a breakout in the dollar market.

There’s a battle happening in the BTC market…but the bulls are back in town.

In other news have you seen this massive double bottom in the ETH market? Every chart is a buy IMO


Pre-flight checks complete, countdown commenced, ignition sequence start in t-minus 10…9…8…




My calls for moon have been heard: