Radical “to the moon” thread


Zcash to the moon - (Directors Cut) :slight_smile:



Now that is a headline that is very welcoming!!
May it be so


Seems i won the $5,000 bet, ZEC out of Top 20. Feel free to check all sources by market cap :slight_smile:
Payment with ZEC would be best if you don’t mind, ok?

Here just 2 of them:


Great way to start the year, with 5000$ :joy:. But do you really think he will honor it :smile:


-.- go home bortlexx, you’re drunk…


I said that ZEC will latest in November be out of top 20, damn, happened even sooner as i predicted.

However, i will handle it like a gentleman and give you until end of november 2019 ZEC to have ZEC in the top 10 by market cap. Sorry man, but there is exactly 0 chance to have ZEC in top ten with the current and 2019 announced state, just 0.

But we mostly will hold a place somewhere btw top 20-30, mostly around 22-25, hopefully. But that’s the best i can hope for…

The next coin to drop out of top 20 will be mostly ETC, Monero will be another one dropping out but maybe not yet in 2019, but will drop out for sure. :wink:

There are just too many reasons why we can’t hold a top 20 position by market cap …


that’s not impressive we’re at a level where coins that are getting pumped blow by us. this has happened on multiple occasions. when the coins are dumped we move back into top 20. dogecoin was the last one that did this.

you’re making it very difficult for me to be polite. you agreed to a specific bet. you’re not being a gentleman by not demanding payment for a bet that was never made. you’re not interesting to me, so, plz don’t @/me until it’s time to pay-up.


good chance we’ll be back in the top 20 by the end of today, or tomorrow.

side note - that premature celebration you displayed is a terrible omen for your gamble.

happy new years!




This screenshot should be titled: “Why marketcap is a scam, and crypto markers are full of manipulations”.


it’s 2019 and zcash still hasn’t pumped independent of bitcoin. that’s actually pretty wild. USD trading has been really technical & easy, but BTC/ZEC is straight-up cruel. honestly believe 2019 will be much less harsh for ZEC.


; ) top 20 achieved


Some useful information should we find ourselves on the way to the moon :slight_smile:


lol … funny-thing-is 2 of our largest exchanges have their volumes excluded. both are reporting roughly $35M. if the oddity happens on a few occasions, okay. but there’s no way we repeatly get volume like this, and not move drastically in one direction or the other. dunno, have a hard time believing our markets are that efficient lol


Here’s what the next bull run could look like -



seeing some people complain about the “community governance panel” in other threads. problem’s they’re not talking about the most important issue, mascot choice. i voted against the zebra, wrote an enlightened piece on how terrible zebras are, and look what happened. smh


Yeah… I know… but try finding a cute gif of a ‘space pterodactyl’… kinda rare.


hasn’t made it to space yet, but the target has been acquired.