Radical “to the moon” thread


jack makes a good point with TX/trading vol. comparison. i can make counter arguments to every article you’ve posted. still thinking almost all our volume’s real. exchanges that account trades the exact same as NASDAQ like bithumb are excluded.


side note - what made you go from 90% of our volume is fake to 75%? seems like you’re just tossing random numbers around.


I’am more than curious and eager to see how 18M transaction volume for 28th December 2018 (yesterday) fit into ~150M claimed trading volume :thinking: What do i miss?


because some of these fake exchange volume lowered it, simple, not?


tbh, i don’t think you really know what you’re talking about. you post stuff written by other people that probably don’t know what they’re talking about either. you’re just tossing random numbers around. dec 24 you said 90% of our volume is fake. today it’s only 75%?


Than back the whole volum was over 180M when the fake volume i spotted applied to about ~90%, today the fake volume is a bit less while the “honest” volume stays about the same, means fake volume decreased somewhat for whatever reason. So i had to adjust these in newer comments. If this doesn’t make sense it’s mostly because you try to find the smallest reason to discredit my fake volume opinion at all costs, even forgetting bout elementary common sense and logic. Pretty cheap by the way …

If i had to nail you on all your comments and analyzing you change daily i had to make a topic with 100+ posts for sure :rofl:

Instead of explaining how real 18M transaction value fits into faked 150M trading volume which you claim as point you just attack on lowest possible level. Would still be nice you explain the above question, but i i guess you won’t, as you mostly realized allready that it just doesn’t make sense what you wrote 2 minutes ago…


you made the claim - now it’s on you to prove your point. i don’t make goofy statements like 90% of our volume is fake.

you’re the one going against

why should i believe a random on the internet (that’s not really a trader) over these guys? think you might need to look up the definition of “fake”.


i would be completely okay if you said our volume is inflated due to wash trading. but that wash trading serves a purpose, and those wash trades are very real.


deja vu, seems you didn’t read a single article i posted on the price speculation topic. For evidience/proof, just read them there.

You are of course free to believe coinmarket cap and other sites that just import data they get from these scam exchanges and take them for real.

I for myself is going to double check things where i have money in. That’s why i use data and compare them and don’t trust just “publish-as-given” sites… That’s the difference here, you believe them blind, even against common sense and logic.

And to answer your next post as it just showed up:

  • i don’t know how much is wash trading and how much exactly real fake, both are present and both have a high percentage, hence i put them into the very same pot vs. real volume.
  • no idea what good purpose wash trading has, for me it’s enough that it’s illegal in most countries including the US to see it’s not something i would like to count on. Even less if it’s “sold” as real trading volume.
  • The only thing that is real in wash trading is that the amount is actually indeed transfered into another account. As we have about 9x higher claimed trade volume than actually real happening transaction value per day (yesterday for example) i even doubt that it’s real trade washing.

Just for comparison:
ZEC tradevolume: 145M on coinmarket cap, transaction value/volume: 18M
BTC tradevolume: 5.6B on coinmarket cap, transaction value/volume: ~3B
DCR tradevolume: 6.3M on coinmarket cap, transaction value/volume: 7.3M

As said allready several times, feel free to take fake & inflated trade volume as real and build your predictions and hope on these, no problem if you feel good with that. Some day you will regret it, could make another bet on this one, :joy:


Just a generally thought on the OTC market comment:

I think these indeed really happen and are big ones. From time to time there are bigger spikes in the ZEC transaction value/volume chart and i could imagine that exactly these OTC trades are responsible for these.

Edit: These OTC trades are not visible on sites like coinmarket cap which have no relation/data about transaction value. The only thing how to spot them in my opinion is the transaction value chart and maybe checking against the blockchain explorer and various bigger transactions, enough they are not shielded.

Right now i checked the blockexporer and saw that a transacton of 50799 ZEC has been made today (about 3M US$). Would be interesting to see how it shows up tomorrow in the lagging transaction value chart.


you have no way to prove anything. i cannot prove anything either, so not sure how we’d bet on that one.

hope you’re keeping my loot warm! you do realize ZEC’s in the 13th spot already, right? https://messari.io/onchainfx/


OMG, you can’t use an elementary chart and site like messari??? Seriously?

You are watching the predicted market cap for year 2050 :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: There is ZEC on spot 13, on current market cap ZEC is on spot 19th.

Edit: just 2M ahead of ONT, 10M ahead of WAVES, and 30M ahead of XTZ … just as a reminder how close it is to fall out of top 20 …


correct, CMC isn’t legit. currencies can be specifically built to carry an artificially high exchange rate. onchainfx does it right!

edit - i will allow you to back out of the bet that i’ll easily win since we never agreed on the source of information (CMC/onchainfx/etc).


no need, the market cap is the same on all of them. Thx for the cheap offer but i will keep the bet as the current market cap is about the same on all sites (especially the rank!), enough you don’t use the year 2050 fiction prediction tab :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hey! Wasn’t this thread supposed be all ‘fun & silliness’? I see the ‘silliness’, but where’s the fun?

Surely someone else has some idle GPUs laying around, how about some more meme’s?


not sure what you are reading, but i have a lot of fun, didn’t laugh that much for a long time. Bookmarked a given post allready on my “top 2018 laughs” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


check the dude’s start date on the forum. seems like a lot of people that joined in 2018 are extra salty from being roasted all year. you can tell bortlexx is having tons of fun since cat repeatedly utilizes emojis. 9-times-out-of-10 that means people aren’t happy, but i’m sure bortlexx is different.


just to add some special “radical” fun factor … :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Wait, i think it’s better to post something that fits the category perfectly:

My prediction for January 2019:
ZEC daily trading volume: 1+B (preferred on LBank, Bit-Z, Bithumb)
ZEC price: $500+ (could be over $1000, but i’am cautious)
ZEC market cap rank: Top 5 (mostly Top 3, but let’s be restrained)
But what do i know compared to kecking’s unlimited knowledge … :joy:

Do i qualify now as a “radical mooner”? :rofl:


we have people on the forum that don’t understand the purpose of wash trading; attempting to explain why 75-90% of our volume is —>fake<— without offering compelling evidence. it reminds me of horseshoe and his “planned agenda” posts. i don’t have unlimited knowledge, i’m pretty knowledgeable on this specific subject. not from reading other peoples’ stuff, but from experience.

i like your prediction, tho!