Radical “to the moon” thread


I actually ended up buying back on Dec 6th. I thought it was the bottom at the time, and I think I was close (missed the sub 50 ZEC but got in at 51 something). If I’m going to buy again, I’ll for sure let you know since it does seem to dip a but each time I do :stuck_out_tongue:


Time to test new lows! Fasten your seatbelts



don’t believe that’ll payoff in any major way. have no clue why people short at the bottom.



russia is interesting. wonder what happened with this https://www.nsd.ru/en/press/pubs/index.php?id36=633655
“Russian Settlement Depository (NSD) work with Zcash; zkSNARKS for new confidential secure voting system”


i guess we need to see the giant triangle resolve first. Will take another week or so but I don’t see any strength at the moment. Other coins had their small relief rallies in december. Overhead resistance will be hard to break with this constant sell offs


another interesting thing is last couple days rubles have started to show up on the fiat map

believe it’s the first time ZEC/RUB has cracked top 50 pairs.


think this might kill some inflation. anti-dump algorithm - engaged


It would offset rather than kill it, but wether or not its viable is being debated by smarter minds than mine.

Interesting to follow the discussions & nice they’re happening on the forum - hope that continues.


“offset” is a much better term. have a feeling traders will have fun with it. now that it’s decided, guess i need to take a closer look. still going to call it the “anti-dump algorithm”. might even build a rig to have fun with.


Decided as a goal is one thing, it’ll still have to get through all the scrutiny, simulation & testing, so its very early days. Interesting times ahead.

Offsetting inflation followed by the first halving shortly after will be fun.



if you’re going to timelock should timelock all the ZEC!!


Ill post it here i suppose (not allowed more than 3 consecutive posts!)


No matter where ZEC moves in a day. The train back to 0.014XXX is always on time.


Reupload - Zcash performance versus other POW coins(source:messari.io), sorted by 30 days returns since most are recovering from all time low due to the recent rally. I think zcash is a gr8 concept and it has a great team to back it up. Hope this turns into a good investment as well and the community also gets rewarded just like the founders…:slight_smile:


I would turn bull instantly if I see any strength. Right now its rather neutral with bearish tendencies. The triangle takes its time to resolve and so are the bots. If bitcoin shits the bed it will take ZEC and all the other alts with.


ETH(+67%), LTC(+61.55%) and BCH(+55%) have recovered quite a bit in the last 30 days. Even if BTC goes down its quite possible the first one to hit new lows will be the coins that did not recover well during the recent rally. Unfortunately zcash seems to fall under this category.


I agree that on first look it seemed like, but actually it doesn’t, for several reasons:

  • first of all the Algo-A asic coins are still realeased immediatly, no impact on the current mined ZEC.
  • 2nd, you get more coins issued with algo-B as algo-A mining rewards got not reduced.
  • 3rd, after we have point 2nd, we have a higher inflation, no matter they are released weekly and delayed, the end effect is just, more coins per day.
  • 4th, the delay effect would be only and exactly 50 weeks after introducing, after 50 weeks we are back to normality, at least due my fast calculation it should be like that. Hadn’t time yet to make the whole simulation for this.
  • 5th, having the above points in mind while the intentions is clear and it should work as anti-dump, it might cause a higher dump for algo-A as more issuance from algo-B is coming mostly adding more sell pressure on Algo-A mined coins. This said i’am pretty sure that without Algo-A having time locked ZEC the approach is counter productive and does NOT lead to less inflation, even to more week by week …


interesting! reposting this in the wen mewn thread so it doesn’t get buried