Radical “to the moon” thread


alg A
alg B
almost thinking this could be setting up for an eventual split in 2020. with either algA, or algB miners agreeing on extending payment to developers, with the other splitting, and sticking with current zcash plans to give miners 100% of rewards. side that’s pro continuing paying devs a % of rewards will probably get STARKS deployed, etc.

imo, 2020 split over continued % of dev rewards is probably guaranteed. think by that time there could be enough hashrate on both algA, and algB to support both.


Interesting aspect i didn’t think yet about. Possible scenario for sure!


irritating to watch dash rip-our-doors-off in the exchange rate department, with less volume than ZEC. dash has been in the crosshairs so many times, but always seems to escape.

side note - ZEC’s emission schedule is so insane, we’ve almost caught up to dash’s available supply. only roughly 3M difference.


This +2000 i like 20 char


@kek what do you think first quarter of 2019 would be? Sideways or we gonna pump.


been meaning to make a “what i’m thinking for 2019” post. will take me a minute, so i’ll try to post something tomorrow AM.


ZEC Bulls reaction to DASH’s performance today




when ZEC’s bullish she moves fast! you’ll wake up one morning, and ZEC will be +$200… zcash starts her true bull cycle; we’ll hit levels nobody thought was possible.


I have noticed that, once zec jumped 10$ in a blink, thats why im waiting to see long waited bull storm.


a breakdown of the triangle would put us somewhere around 0.0127 - 0.01266 depending how hard the panic selloff will be. good luck


Just to keep things on topic, this is a radical “to the moon” thread. :rocket: :first_quarter_moon_with_face:

No :bear: allowed! :wink:




Alright. To the moon then :full_moon:

More sideways action is the most bullish scenario I can think of tbh. Depends what XBT is doing ofc.

Edit: We broke down. Moon cancelled for now. Interesting to see how deep this will go or how deep XBT will drag us


decision time for the USD pair

BTC just doesn’t want to cooperate


Zec price drop is rather severe everytime BTC dips and rise is slow under the weight of high inflation…any opinions on what can trigger end to this trend…:slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure it wont drag us down far enough to trigger my buy order, not that lucky



Will be interesting to see if we can get back up to 0.015 which should act as heavy resistance now ( we hovered around this area for weeks).


This ETF approval stalling stuff keeps the bulls in gages.