Receive zcash from the same wallet you send them from

Can a wallet allow you to receive zcash (poloniex) from the same wallet you send them from, and if so, why would there be some reason why this shouldn’t be done. (I was sending to same address 7zcash, 1, 2, 2, ,1,0.5,0.5 and i dont have them in my wallet) pls help

Yes, so long as you still have the private key for the address you used to send then there are no issues. There’s no reason it shouldn’t be done but best practise would say not to use re-use transparent addresses simply as someone can follow those coins to Poloniex and back again (and wherever you send them next).

Actually rereading the post do you mean you sent them and never received them? If so that’s likely a Polo issue and will likely require a ticket - do you have a transaction id and does it appear on a blockchain explorer like

I waiting still 20 days for reply poloniex ;/ in second account i sending 0.0001 zcash to same addres and also i don’t have them.

“I will pass this on to an agent who can assist you in solving the issue as soon as possible.” …