Using Poloniex address for mining

The address that I'm using to mine is my address from poloniex, what do I need to do to show you that I'm the owner of this address? I don't want to use any other address.

For your own good, switch over to bittrex if you 'must' mine to an exchange.
Poloniex disables wallets without warning, support is non-existent, collapses on weekends during pump hours, delays large deposits for weeks, must one go on?
Long term if you're serious, is worth while if you don't enjoy executing one line of commands after another.

I agree with Anon. Been waiting a month for Poloniex with no response. I highly recommend never mine to an exchange wallet. I never had good luck doing that.

I have freewallet app on my phone I mine to that. I get an email every time I get a new deposit. Granet there is like an $11 difference from the flypool to freewallet app... (wallet shows the lesser difference)

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