Worker unauthorized under nheqminer flypool

When I launch my bat file, nheqminer stop because my zcash adress is not authorized (especially the worker). Here is my bat :

nheqminer.exe -cd 0 -l -u t1LXR5irMhAEtq8x1wqZsahLuNF4UDeK2ds.rig1

My system is seven 64 bits and my zcash wallet does run with nanopool but I would like to work with flypool

I hope you will help me
Best regards

Just a wild guess - according to paragraph “Nicehash Miner” it should be “-od 0” key, not “-cd 0” as in your command.

Thank you mtve,
I have changed -od 0 as you write, but it still does’nt work…
“worker not authorized”
If you have another idea
Thank you

Are you CPU mining or GPU mining? If GPU mining my suggestion to you would be not to use software that has not been updated since January 2016, and use the appropriate mining software for your GPU.

If you are CPU mining, you’re using spending more on electricity than you are making.

Your zcash address is invalid, there is probably some copy&paste mistake somewhere.

You can check validity of address with zcash-cli like this:
$ zcash-cli getaccount t1LXR5irMhAEtq8x1wqZsahLuNF4UDeK2ds
error code: -5
error message:
Invalid Zcash address

Hello CitricAcid, I’m using both CPU and GPU (I don’t pay electricity)
My problem was an invalid zcash adress, but it’s solved now
Thank you

Hello Mtve,
You was right. I have downloaded Zcash4win, I have a new zcash adress, and
it’s work perfecly
Thank you a lot

I’m glad you got the invalid Zcash address resolved; I just want to mention that if you are using Nheqminer to GPU mine you need to use a different mining program.

OK, thank’s a lot for this information
Best regards