Rich list for Zcash?

I am curious if a rich list exists, or could exist, for transparent wallets.

It seems you can see the balance of these in the main explorer. I’m curious if Poloniex has a transparent balance, for example.


I’de be curious to see this kind of stats as well.

: D Explorers suck (

side note - believe ZEC & XMR are the only two alt networks with no rich list.
imo, that is huge for security.

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It’s not that ZEC doesn’t have a rich list in current form - it’s just that nobody has bothered to make one

imagine the top holders would be keeping their ZECs in a Z add. since the list would only be valid for T adds (that prolly change fairly often as they move between Z-T adds); will never be a true rich list. not saying it’s impossible to have a momentary T add rich list, tho. so if you ever see one, plz let me know.

I really doubt that is true. Given hardware wallet support only for t-addrs I’d bet most is actually in transparent t addresses. It’s actually not a big deal as when you want to you can just shield it and break any traceability.

it’s not the traceability i’m looking at. i’ve always hated rich lists, because it makes people listed huge targets. you’re probably correct about a lot being in t adds (i wouldn’t bet against it).

I realize it will be a very temporary thing, since all addressed are going to be shielded per Zooko. Probably in next 6-12 months is my guess. That’s why I’d like to see one now, just out of curiosity.

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So youre saying all transactions will be default to shielded address in 6-12 months? Does that mean we will lose ZEC support on Trezor? – how long do you rekon it will be before we see shielded address on trezor?

Yes. I don’t know if it will require Trezor updates.

That timescale is grossly over-optimistic in my opinion. We don’t even have a timeframe on Sapling but it’s not imminent then there is a whole ecosystem of stuff to be built to fully utilise these improved shielded transactions. Even then t-addrs would have to be very gradually phased out.

There you go. I’d take his guess over mine.