Rig Pr0n - Show me yours I'll Show you mine

trying to find the other vid that shows the rest of my rigs :slight_smile:
and your very welcome, thanks for watching
burn one for me heh?

I do live in Colorado :wink: I'll check your video out.

LOL quality, spark it up, hard to get that in china............
you can see my other rigs at the start of this vid

Crytomined: I live in Colorado as well @ 8000ft.
The local town has 1 bar and 7 dispensaries.


Sweet. Looking into building my own rig as well. What the estimated ROI for this rig?

Look here and edit your title :wink:

my ROI is quite high like 7-8 months... but who really knows... I made some assumptions from here:


If the price keeps dropping could be forever + 1

Why do you have your one GPU on the 6th slow rather than the first?

One of my risers crapped out. Just temp until new ones arrive.

HOw much do you pay for your electricity in CO? :frowning: it's expensive over here in So. Cal. I can't run more than one rig just because starting from 2nd rig, my electricity will cost me 22cents/KW. im jealous for those who pay less for electricity

My bill shows $0.0763 in Colorado Springs. not sure about the rest of the

dubie: Nice! I didn't know the Springs was so cheap - is that the low or the 24 hour average?
I live in the mountains above Golden @ 8000ft and we are 4 cents off peak and 15 cents peak - comes out to 10.432 cents per killowat averaged over a 24hr period. (United Power Cooperative).
Of course then every month there also is a $17 "facility charge" and sales tax.


Jimmy: So do you have a variable rate that increases the price if you use more than a certain amount?

This is what my bill shows. Colorado Spring Utilities. We get one bill for natural gas, electric, water and waste water all on one bill. Each service is itemized on bill. Below is a picture of my most recent electric portion. Does not include any mining activity as I just started mining a few days ago.

that actually the 7th not the 6th

Yea man, 1st 200KW cost 10cents, next 200kw cost 15. The rest will be at 22cents. California suck man


I pay 0.23 $ per every kWh + 4.60 $ per Month fix.

That is the reason, why i started to buy solar panels and a wind generator - but this stuff is expensive too.

Another country isn't possible?

Where do you live? 23cents is high

OMG! I use those exact racks at my job. (Though not to hold GPU's. Lol) A lot of expensive equipment in there brother. Hopefully for all of us the price will hold.