Rig turning off and on by itself - first startup

Hello I just built a 6 GPUs rig (GTX 1060 FTW) + MB TB250-BTC + 2x PSU EVGA 850 GQ + 4Gb + Intel Pentium LGA1151.

The problem is that during the first startup of the rig it immediately turned off and off by itself.

I haven’t mined anything yet - again - fist startup…

i then removed 5 GPUs and started it with only 1 card and it kept on (no problems).

Any ideas?

this is a short list of what i did:

  1. built the rig
  2. connected all the components
  3. turned on the rig and then i got the failure.


First guess/question, how do you have the two PSU’s connected?

remove all GPU’s and using one PSU, does the problem still exist?

Start adding GPUs from one (given that it works with one) and see when the problem begins. If it begins on the second one, go back to one and check your settings.

They are connected using a “splitter” cable so this cable is connected to the MB and the main female from this cable is connected to the PSU that has the CPU + SSD + perif + 2 gpus and the second female (bridge) is connected to the second PSU than contains 4 gpus only.

Ok… so… I removed 2 gpus from the second PSU and it doesn’t turn off but the Gpus’ fans stop spinning after a couple of seconds or minutes… and the other thing is that I don’t get anything on the monitor which is connected to the MB via dvi-d cable (dark srceen)

At this point, I would start at square one. Use one psu and one gpu and see if you can get it to boot properly. If you get no video, try moving the cable to the gpu. If you get one gpu working, use it to test every pci slot to make sure your risers are working. From there, add a gpu, boot, stablize, repeat, adding the extra PSU as you go.

This isn’t so much a fix as it is finding the root of the problem.

Could it be that you need to setup your BIOS, set your PCI-e slots to Gen2 and enable your “Above 4g encoding”? That MB has a setting in the bios for mining, IIRC. I’m thinking there are settings you need to change there.

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Can you describe the splitter cable that you were using to connect the two PSU’s together. I have a Two PSU system as well and during set up I had a problem in which I could not get the two PSUs to start up in sync. Bought a two dollar plug called Add2PSU and worked like a champ.

Can you describe the power cable connections between your PSU’s and your GPUs and also whether you are using powered riser cable’s. Also does your motherboard have additional molex power slots for the PCI-Es

@Zcash_Money - I doubt that it’s the splitter - read what they have written- The perception from their posts, (the shortlist), and screen name, is that they do not have the basic understanding of how a computer or this is supposed to work.?

The very first thing I suggested was remove all gpu’s, and using one power supply does the problem still exist, they removed only two gpu’s

Hello… the problem got solved… it looked that there was an energy
imbalance between both PSUs.

Now… the problem I have is that my 2 out of my 6 GPUs doesn’t mine or
just stay at 9MHash

Any advice?