First Rig, biggest fail

I’m a newbie. Today I put together 6gpu mining rig. So I think everything is going great, I have everything plugged in the right spot I think. Things started going downhill when I pressed the power on button on the motherboard. The 6gpu didn’t start running, the motherboard has power though, the external dvd also has power, the keyboard and mouse does not have power, and the monitor doesn’t display bios or anything. The only thing that was showing on the monitor is dvi no signal or hdmi no signal because I tried both monitors. I don’t know what went wrong. Need some help please!

Need model of mobo, PSU max and cards throughput.
As a rule of thumb, if your mobo isn’t one of the dedicated mining boards, you should try with one card first, install drivers for said card and add the rest once you have the first running stable.

You are going to have to give a bit more information than that for anyone to offer assistance.

First off I’d strongly suggest building the rig with 1 GPU directly plugged into the x16 slot (the first long pcie slot nearest the CPU) and remove everything else except the keyboard, mouse and hardrive and try to boot it. If that still doesn’t boot remove the harddrive and GPU (assuming you have some onboard graphics) and see if you can at least boot to the bios screen.

If you can’t even boot to bios triple check all your power connections - you wouldn’t be the first to forget to plug in the CPU power cable etc… At this point though it’s basic computer diagnostics so there are a million resources available.

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Same here I put my rig into an open-air case three of the gpus were off when power on turns out is because one of the power supply wires was a little bit loose just kind of fiddled with it, bingo. But before that screen started up and had this really strange partial boot sequence only went for a few seconds though then a screen lock with some strange numbers on it

You might try moving your video cable between your onboard video output and your GPU0 (the one plugged in to the 16x slot closest to your CPU).

Your motherboard likely has a setting where you can control this behavior, but often times if the mobo detects a video card installed, it’ll send the video to card instead of to the onboard video output.

Your mobo is probably POSTing, you just can’t see it because the video cable is plugged in to the wrong thing.

War story - I had a video cable go bad on me. I ended up returning a mobo over it because I thought the mobo wasn’t POSTing. Make sure your video cable is known good.

In summary, if I were you I would:

  1. Remove all of the video cards and boot using on board video. Assuming this works…
  2. Install 1 GPU into the 16x slot and boot. If no video, move the video cable from GPU to mobo or vice-versa.
  3. Install your other GPUs one at a time and boot all the way in to Windows (assuming that’s what you’re using). Make sure drivers install properly. (This step will take longer and longer the more cards you add)
  4. Repeat step 3 till you’ve got them all running.

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