Roosevelt Gordones for ZCG (June 2024)

Greetings, Global Zcash Community.

I would like to announce to all of you my application for a position in the ZCG. For those of you who don’t know me, I will tell you some of the roles I have played and perform within this community:

  • Moderator of the Zcash en Español community, both in Telegram and Discord.
  • Co-creator of the Zcash en Español website, .
  • Cohost of Zcast, the Spanish Zcash podcast.
  • ZK AVClub Member
  • ZecHub DAO Member.

In addition to this, I have organized several activities, face-to-face and virtual, where I teach about the use of the different tools we have in Zcash, such as Free2Z, ZGo, Zingo, among others.

I am a crypto-enthusiast, I live in Venezuela, and I know firsthand how important it is to take care of our privacy and dignity. That is why I have become an activist and evangelist for the use of Zcash and decentralized tools that allow people to freely and with dignity make use of money and technology.

And speaking of decentralization, I believe and advocate for greater decentralization within Zcash, where more and more members of the community are empowered, make decisions and decide the direction of the project.

I also believe in the leadership by example, of those people who demonstrate with their actions, beyond just nice words and demagogy; and I believe that within this community there are very valuable members who can contribute a lot so that more and more people use Zcash.

I am the first and only Latino who has applied (so far) for this position, and I think it is important for Zcash and for the ZCG itself to have new and different visions and experiences to those already known.

2024 is a year of important decisions for Zcash, where information and education about the Dev Fund, regulations and the future of the project is needed. But all this will be achieved with an increasingly diverse participation of the community of Zcash users and enthusiasts.

Zcash must stop being technology made for a few, and must start to become more massive and visible, and that will only be achieved with a proper balance between technical development and community and educational momentum. I hope to support and contribute to that from the ZCG.

Thank you for your support.



This is great news!

Also, please note, the Zk Av Club on 𝕏 is now @ZkAv_Club


Yeah! New user! Same enthusiasm!

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It was a real pleasure and great opportunity to chat with Roosevelt during Zeal Talk at Zcon4 in Barcelona.

He also produced several community interviews at Zcon4, showing initiative, interest and community engagement that I think is very rare and highly valuable.


Thank you for your support and enthusiasm.

These interviews are very good and necessary because they allow us to know a little more about the vision and opinion of the interviewees.

¡Gracias! :pray:

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