Russian illegal mining farm shutdown

Holy cow! This could explain what is happening ATM…

Note in the article that police found ASIC and not regular GPU… is it possible that some russian folks just silently build asic miners for equihash?

Any opinions?

source http://www.беловка.рус/rubriki/delovoj-podxod/v-zdanii-byivshego-orenburgskogo-zavoda-rti-kriptovalyutu-dobyivali-v-promyishlennyix-masshtabax.html says “judging by the photos… [it’s] racks with ASICs”, and it really looks like thousands of antminers.

If anything that much zcash mining power taken off of the network would only decrease the difficulty for everybody else
Because less miners to complete the work within the transaction time frames so its easier
Edit-Do svidaniya

Hashrate is back up to 560’000 KH/s, nothing to do with russians mining :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder what happend yesterday…

The Russian Government flipped the on switch to its brand new ready-made mining farm?

Right? How convenient
Edit - I don’t know how Russia is Prosecuting cryptocurrency crimes, lets just hope black dolphin is off the table