Major global jump in mining power

did anyone notice since last friday the global hash power jumped from 35 mh/s to 46 mh/s
I know that doesn’t seem like much to some of you but figure we get 220 h/s - 260 h/s on average GPU’s used.
That’s an increase of 45 thousand GPU’s in a week? Am I calculating this wrong? Seems like alot of cards to go up in a week.

Maybe guys with Nvidia cards jumped in the train around that time.

Looks like normal churn to me. Last week may have had some moments of 35msol/s, but it also had 50+sol/s.

Thanks, that’s helpful. Claymore 9.2 working well, better than 9.1 which I gave up on and rolled back to 9.

Is Jaxx not safe for a mining address?

What’s going on with all the censorship here so many hidden posts, turning into that dump bitcoin talk here!!


hahahahaa they didnt like us talking about monero - what tightasses
they cant take the competition eh?

@cryptomined If you want to extoll the virtues of Monero or some other coin then you need to create a seperate thread to talk about it.

You have a habit of hijacking other people’s threads and going off topic to talk about things like politics or other coins and not only is it against the Code of Conduct it is rude and disrespectful to the OP and other users.


I don’t see anything wrong with discussion regarding coins that are in competition with zcash, so does that mean we can give advice but not about other coins? Perhaps they don’t like you @cryptomined :joy::joy:
Anyway Zcash price has gone up and miners are jumping back and as a result difficulty has gone up a fair bit, seems it’s a no win situation for small miners as most are mining to make a quick buck and with zcash mineable with every GPU on the planet, I have not sold since first week but getting sick of this merry go round

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Like I said, there is nothing wrong with talking about Monero or Zclassic or any other Coin, but don’t keep hijacking other users topics or I will keep having to remove them.

alright thanks for the heads up
at least i know who is flagging my comments…
i dont think other users found it disrespectful, the posts had received likes and positive replies…
the OP never replied either

and I do think it was on topic as it has to do with difficulty and changes in mining power as the topic was about a jump in mining power…

but i had considered starting a monero thread… ill continue to think about it

the force is with me, i am one with the force :stuck_out_tongue:
love me, hate me, its all the same

anyways, someone has to make work for them… considering its really us who pay them out of the funders reward we mine.

Well by that loose logic you could select any key word within a thread to start talking about tons if things not relating to the actual thread topic.

Shall we now start talking about Luke Skywalker since you mentioned “the force” in your comment? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s not that we “don’t like you” it’s just we try to keep these forums easy for other users to find the information they are looking for, and when someone clicks the title of a topic it’s usually because they want to know more about that topic.

Sure :slight_smile: great idea :grinning: You’re a Star Wars fan eh? zooko didnt seem to be one… Should I start a new Thread on Starwars and cryptocurrency? “Do they use Bitcoin/ZCash/Monero in the Star Wars universe”?

“I find your lack of faith disturbing.”

Rebel One was actually really cool. Do you think that Luke will die in Star Wars 8? do you think Luke is Rays father? Is Ray a Skywalker?

My Mining room is full ot Tie Fighters, walkers, snowspeeders, falcon… entire room is decorated in star wars theme :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: want me to add pics here?

good thing i never read the books, leaves more suspense for the movies.

when someone says monero to the moon you can reply back:
“That’s no moon, it’s a space station.”

btw, jediism is a religon now, so disliking it is very not leftist…
leftists are supposed to believe in “freedom of religion” and like all religions… otherwise its really a “hate crime”

“May the force be with you!”

Or perhaps I’m the OP and the thread was about the global hash rate with Zcash and like nearly 90% of everyone hijacked my posting to something else. Moderators are constantly trying to keep threads with a questions or comment and follow ups. I encourage them (as i have been a forum moderator for years) to delete and censor 90% i think they are generous in allowing most of you guys to hijack my thread.

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