RX 470 and 480 Speed

And what is your cpu and ram? Does it have type effect when loading kernel

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Would you mind sharing what miner and config? I have a few 390x I’d like to benchmark.

Are your 480s modded?

Yes sir… Jukebox’s mod

Care to share the Jukebox mod?

With the zogminer (Linux) I’ve gotten both of my 470s (8GB) to 35 H/s. Running two threads (instances) on each.

35+35+30 from my i7-6700 (nheqminer)

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Do you need the 8gb version to run two instances or will hte 4gb version work?

thanks 20 characters

I thought each ‘zec’ was equal to 2GB
Hence, some people running -k zec zec zec zec on 8GB cards.

Word to the Wise… be cautious of downloading any files that are not on github… you dont know if files have been altered, backdoors put in… some people, will upload a “ready to go” miner for you to download at another location, which is nothing more than the downloaded miner from github… go straight to the source and do not use other peoples re-uploaded downloads. If they do not point you to the source…It would be wise to stay away from these people and these kinds of downloads. When someone says this is their miner, and they are simply reuploading nheqminer or genoil, you should know right there that they are basically openly lying to you.

be smart, be safe, go straight to the source on github.


Someone’s claiming 25 Sol/s with only 2 GB. That’s enough for a CPU to do 25 Sol/s also, plus the 2 GB for Ubuntu. This memory-hard feature might be why 8 GB is apparently going to be enough for 100 Sol/s on GPU, but not 8 GB CPU because of the memory bandwidth limitation. Still inline with the original Zcash paper that said GPUs can be 4x faster than CPUs (at 3x the electricity cost).

Nheqminer supports silent army kerneal ?

I don’t think so. What’s all the hub-bub with silent army? What is it? These threads have gotten too long to try to figure things out.


Search is always a good place to start too :slight_smile:

SILENTARMY is the “solver” that people are now using in their AMD miners.
too many people use the miner but don’t know about the solver that the miner uses… even worse they try to say its “their miner” thats really taking credit away from where credit is due…
another good place to stay informed with the entire community is generally my channel :smiley:
other channels only post bits and pieces… I try to post as much as I can about everything, though there is so much to cover it is difficult as time constrains me

Have you tryed also silentarmy with multi-gpus? could you explain us which gpu modds are made to get this 39 sols/s?

Thank you.

so hooked up the 480x 8gb … on nheqminer only getting 15 sol/s

you need to overclock for this to perform ?

sure have, how about 7 GPU’s?? all in one rig baby!!!
7 separate GPUS!!! 6X 470 nitros and 1x 480 nitro~!~ LOL~~~~

280 Sols/s!!! :sunglasses:

not bad dude ;-), hope my risers will arrive soon, how are the noise from the saphire cards? which gpu mods did you make?