RX570 4G and RX580 8G ZCash Mining Speeds


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Has anyone looked at the temps compared to the 4xx series to see how they match up?

Since it's a rebrand of 480 with higher clocks it uses more power so I would expect it to run hotter

No they wont install I tried and I cannot get the zec miner to run on the 580's it crashes immediately

one of the 480s i got back from sapphire on an RMA is like that, just crashes when running any miner, otherwise its fine, will play games and run furmark etc

with the 580 and 570, i have had serious problems getting either to work alongside 5x480 8g cards, windows just doesnt want to use more than 4 cards no matter what I try, and when i tried to mix them in with my 295x2, windows would see all 5GPUs (4x 290x and a 570) but the miner would crash the second it started hashing... would load dags for eth etc... but would not mine a single hash...and zcash crash on hash also.

so i bought a cheap used 4 slot board to stick them on...cost me like 25$ for the board... i would imagine after some driver updates things might be different

but im tired of fooling around with 500 series cards when the 400 series cards are so easy and hassell free (except for the fact those damn nitros melted the thermal tape between the backplate and the PCB and I had to RMA every single nitro 400 series card... that was horrible.. and from the ones i got back, 3 of them have issues - as stated above with one of them... another has wrong OC clock settings .. and another just crashes on boot when on silent bios... sapphire wtf) dont buy sapphire anymore... i will only buy xfx and other brands now, dataland/powercolor, etc. xfx first though.. my xfx 400 cards have run the best since i got them last year


I have 10 nitro+OC and have not came across this issue yet @cryptomined although I have had one just stop working after 3 months thankfully Overclockers uk replaced it with no hassle for me,I will agree about the XFX 480 I have both models aftermarket and they run cool,silent and are just a great card all round,my favourite no doubt.

@cryptomined thanks for video some good info

Got the 580 to run ethminer but thats the only miner that works 17.4.3 driver and only on crossfire

check your rx400 Nitro+ hottest card, remove the backplate and see if the black thermal tape has melted at all, if there is any grease around it, on it, etc.

its been such a waste of my time and downtime for my cards... my cards were working fine and then they send me back 3 that dont work properly... one wont mine.. one wont even boot on silent bios... one has the wrong OC core clock set in to bios... did they send me badly refurbished cards back??? i sent in 13 perfectly working cards... they just had grease leaking from some of them... all of them somewhat melted thermal tape... and I get back 10 perfectly working ones and 3 not perfect... and then the guy at sapphire who was responsible for the RMA of the 13 melted thermal tape cards is screwing me around on changing the 3 messed up ones they sent me!

damn... from 13 to 10... and its been 2 weeks that I should have already sent the 3 bad ones back and they just give me the run around and lies

even worse is that grease is incredibly difficult to get off of anything... i still have stains of it on 2 motherboards and 1 PSU...

not only has it been a total pain in the ass... it damaged other hardware...

its something that all nitro users should watch out for, especially in the summer if there is no AC running... it makes a mess...not only of the cards, but whatever is under them.

what kind of incompetant company puts thermal tape that melts on a GPU that is known to be used for mining? my XFX dont have this kind of thermal tape..

so now they have switched to a different thermal tape on the 500 series... maybe partially thanks to me? but i will never buy another sapphire again

@cryptomined thanks for the explanation and I will check cards this week,been meaning to get rid of the dust this years mining has accumulated,it's very disappointing since we payed a premium for these cards and I would have expected a faster turn around for miners with this issue or any other issue to be honest,they are making good money from us

yup and dont try to build a 6 GPU rig with 500 series cards, no one i know can get it to work
drivers are messed up

So, has anybody tried the RX 570 4gb cards? whast the hasrate aprox.? 280sol/s?

AMD RX 480 Can Be Upgraded To RX 580 With A BIOS Flash

That’s right, you can upgrade your AMD Radeon RX 480 graphics card to an RX 580 with a flick of a switch as one Sapphire RX 480 graphics card owner from the TPU forums has discovered. All you need to do is download the BIOS of an RX 580 card and then commence the BIOS flash and enjoy your new RX 580.

TBH I think this doesn't make sense due to the increase in power usage.

My 2 580s will not run zcash at all crashes building kernal onthing I can run is ethminer.

MSI RX 570 4G
@ 1140/2050 i get ~280 sols
@ 1230/2050 i get ~300 sols
@ 1250/2050 i get ~310 sols

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BTW this is with claymore 12.4

How stable? Also did you get 6 working on a single rig? Those are some nice speeds.

I only ordered 3 rx 570 to test. I have 3 more coming to complete the rig. I have them mixed with rx 470s now running 6 gpus.

I'm using same core/mem/strap on 570 as I did on 470, and my 470s get same speeds I quoted above, and I have rig uptimes of 14 and 23 days right now... and thats even with coin profitability switching. I dont mine zec/zcl 24/7 if its not most profitable.

Hello everyone

I have a Sapphire RX580 NITRO+ OC GDDR5 8GB

With AMD’s new beta driver, without changing any settings, I am getting 295-299. Is this normal? Where can I find the modded bios that gives more hash rate for this card? Thank you guys