Schedule for release of the final binaries and genesis block


It takes some time to generate the genesis block, and build the binaries. We're going to mint the genesis block and prepare binaries and things the night before (i.e. tomorrow evening, Thursday, Oct 27). Then go to sleep. Then get up and release it the next morning, San Francisco time. Keep an eye on our twitter feed: !

Starting Time of Zcash Launch?
Release time soon? || World's leading hashpower provider!

Won't get any sleep Thursday night


Super exciting!

My body is ready...



20 charrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Sounds delightful. :wink:

Will the source be available for the public to compile prior to the release of the binaries? What about the final parameters?


What is your time zone please?


I haven't gotten any real sleep for days now :stuck_out_tongue: LOL

Thanks Zooko!!!


Lol! Me too, folks! Thanks for being part of it. :slight_smile:


What is exact UTC time of mainnet launch?


Will you be running a pool ?


Are you going to be using a news story as part of the Genesis block? :slight_smile:


Really looking forward to the launch, and depending on the time of launch with the subsequent time difference from West Coast USA to East Coast Australia, it will be a very early morning for me 0100hrs to 0600hrs. Luckily it will be Saturday morning here.


I'm so happy to be at the start of something big in crypto for once..


At the time of the launch that changes must be made to start mining?


Can you tell me which is the Genesis Block? XD


The Genesis Block is the very first block in the blockchain. :slight_smile:


fingers crossed everything goes well :grin:

I'm going to fire up some new miners today, just to celebrate the launch of Zcash :heart_eyes:


Pretty funny actually.
8:00 AM Get up - shower
8:30 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM Change the world
10:00 AM Surf Reddit
11:00 AM Walk around park
Noon: Lunch


Depending on Breakfast: run to the toilet or skip for after lunch


Where will the launch be announced? Twitter?