Release time soon?

Morning fellow crypto enthusiasts. Any word about when the client will be released? I have a lot of faith in zcash and am excited to get my rigs back online for a good reason.

Thank you for the info. I’ll be sitting idle with a couple rigs ready for it!

if I have Zcash Swing Wallet running, do i need to do anything differently for launch?
will they release a new update and everyone has to run that to be on main net?

In my experience, you will need a new wallet as your old one will only work on the testnet. However, I have seen that there is a flag you can remove from your .conf to allow it to connect to the mainnet when it’s available. I haven’t bothered with setting up a wallet yet, just miners and pool access… I’ll setup a wallet on my offline rig once the proper one has released.

so tomorrow , just need to update the conf file and should be good?