Selling my RIG - ( Delivery in Europe )

For Europe delivery, outside of Romania the price will be 2500 Euro, Shipping with GLS Express.
Accept zcash payments and paypal.

Mining RIG 5 x RX 480 + R9 Fury

Zcash output : 1820 S/s
Optiminer 5 = [2017-03-06 16:21:24.954] [info] [Total] 984.0 I/s 1877.2 S/s (5s) 983.8 I/s 1851.5 S/s (1m) 983.8 I/s 1846.9 S/s (1h)

Optiminer 7 = 1920 S\s nu e stabil, sigur se poate gasi solutie.

Componente :

MB: MSI z97 Gaming M5
CPU: Intel Pentium CPU G3260 3.3 GHz

5 x RX 480
1 x R9 Fury

RAM: Crucial 4GB

SSD: 1x 120GB Patriot

PSU: Corsair HX 1200i

Toate componentele au garatie aproape 20 luni.

Ca si OS, se poate livra cu Linux sau Windows

Pretul nu este negociabil pentru aceasta configuratie, daca se doreste cu o placa GPU mai putin atunci se poate discuta.

I will also deliver outside of Romania, in Europe.

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Is it still available ?

Sold ! no more available.