Selling my Z11s currently mining at cheap location with reputable company (0.05 cts / kWh)

Hi, I am selling 3 Z11s currently mining at a cheap location (Siberia) with a very reputable German company (Cyberian Mine), charging 0.05 cts / kWh. Since they are up and running and you can directly start to mine profitably (unlike buying from resellers or Alibaba) without paying duties (usually 15-20%) and delivery cost (USD 100s), I was thinking about USD 800 per machine. There is no transaction risk as we can do it through the company (kind of escrow).
Current profitability is about USD 60 per month (7.5% return per MONTH) even after the halving…compare this to Bitcoin mining.
Thanks for contacting me.

Just wanted to add that the price of my Z11s was set to significantly outperform the newer Z15 in ROI terms (payback will be faster with my offer) given the much higher price charged for Z15 and most importantly, the additional duties, taxes and delivery cost you would have to pay and delay of several weeks until it mines.