Set up your own private stratum pool


I think this is a bad idea. just found a block with 6k sol/s and is working its way up to maybe a block every two days. I'm happy with a smaller pool. (the zog payouts seem better than flypool at this point)

Also having more pools is good for the mining ecosystem and helps prevent centralization.


What type of pools are these? P2Pool? What is a p2pool?


Its a stratum pool ... as far as i know, there are no P2Pools for zcash ... yet


It was a problem with my virtual machine, I edited some settings and everything went well. Now I'm little bit confused how can I make it to sync blocks ?


you run zcashd on its own until it reaches the current block ... something like this:


It confused me more :slight_smile:
The last command was /usr/bin/screen -dmS "zecnode" ./ZEC/zcash/src/zcashd
should install it separately ?


@mettalmag ... hope this helps :slight_smile:


That was the part that confused me, let me re read it again and see if I missed something.


Ok here's what happened, after running script I got the error
nginx: [error] ngx_http_cxxrest_pass_handler: got destination: api_backend
and one more, should I see the block syncing progress ?


running the pool mainly should have 4 processes running:

  1. zcashd
  2. poolrestapi
  3. the pool frontend
  4. nginx

the bash script runs all 4 from one script, which is usually what you will need to do... but since this is the first run, and you have to sync the zcashd ... so you only run the zcashd part ... wait on it till it syncs ... stop it ... and then run the scrypt


this is not an error ... its a debug msg from nginx


server is up , wallet updated , web is up , but still can not connect my miner to server..
do i need to install stratum server?


What miner are you using?

Silentarmy, nheqminer, and claymore should work!!

Optiminer does not work :frowning:

And what's your pool's url?


@megacrypto I am using nheqminer

i use this format : nheqminer -l -u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -p x
I dont have domain name , i use ip address.


I run nheqminer as follows:

Nheqminer -cd 0 -l -u myTaddr


Ok... sorry didn't see the second part!!

Yes you can connect with IP normally

Are you sure the frontend is running... when you "screen -r zecpool" what do you get?



root@localhost:/# screen -r zecpool
There is no screen to be resumed matching zecpool.

strange I was sure it worked before.


Just close any other screen's running...reboot... and run the sh script and see if all picks up


@megacrypto I did , and still the same.

PS: I am using VPS from 1&1



i used to run .zcashd and I get the screen

now i just noticed that the scree that i got is = to what " screen -r zecpool " output.

so this is my screen , and still not working my miner.

this what i get

[10:46:00][0x00002490] stratum | Reconnecting in 3 seconds...
[10:46:03][0x00002490] stratum | read_until: A request to send or receive data w
as disallowed because the socket is not connected and (when sending on a datagra
m socket using a sendto call) no address was supplied
[10:46:03][0x00002490] stratum | Reconnecting in 3 seconds...
[10:46:06][0x00002490] stratum | Connecting to stratum server