Setting Up A Self-Hosted Cloud On My Rig


I want to setup a self-hosted cloud client to auto sync my phone’s photos an videos on a server I own rather than Google’s or Apple’s. I was thinking that, since my rig is on 24/7 and basically don’t use my hard drive or CPU at all, I would double use my GPU rig for mining and data storage.

Only thing is I’m wondering how one might affect the other-lower hash rates or unbearable data access/back up, etc.

Anyone tried this before or have any theories? I’m decent at following setup instructions and problem solving, but have little basic computer knowledge.

Syncing files in the background shouldn’t interfere too much, if at all. CPU usage wouldn’t have an affect on the GPU usage or the mining software unless it was being maxed out the entire time. CPU usage would be (or should be) fairly low with receiving data from other devices. The majority of the CPU usage would come from whichever http server software is being used and any database software. They tend to munch on the resources of the machine (CPU, RAM, disk I/O) when being used extensively.

That being said, choose your software wisely. Setting your machine up as a cloud server is a great idea but just make sure you’re using stable software that also doesn’t eat away at the resources of the machine.

I recommend firing up a virtual machine a non-mining rig and go through the setup process for your own cloud and see what resources are used and how it functions under load etc. If you’re happy with the results, then go for it.